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andre and daniza
Sinai Divers Archive
Alejandro and Eduard - Sinai Divers - Na'ama Bay

everything is nice and professional

alejandro and eduard are atencious and security divers

sergio jane
Sinai Divers Archive
Sinai Divers - Sharm el Sheikh

We like tehe divings.
andrea mesquita
Thomas Reich
"MY GHAZALA I" - Red Sea

tks for all yr attention on our diving. I really enjoy it!!!!
Sinai Divers Archive
The candidates of the September IDC in Dahab
I reallly enjoyed my time during the IDC in Sinai Divers,

by these days I have been attending the IDC course, in addition to some fun dives with very good instructors. It was my first time in Egypt and I really liked the aquatic life in the Red Sea. I spent 11 days doing the course and 2 for the exams, that I 'll never forget. The people that I've known was great, and also the dives.

Thanks everybody, I hope I can come back soon for my internship

Alvaro Blanco
Sabine Gruber
Sinai Divers Archive
Sherif - Team Sinai Divers, Na'ama Bay
Hallo Sinai Divers Team,

durfte in Sharm vom 13.09. bis 19.09.09 mit meiner Freundin Astrid einen ganz klasse ersten Tauchurlaub erleben !!
Die Betreuung auf der Basis sowie auf den Ghazalas war echt prima und was die Bootscrew aus der Kombüse heraus so zauberte war 1 a !!! Dankeschön an Sven für den Nitrox-Kurs :-)

Special greetings to Sherif - thanks for the help and the dives with you. Next time I see "Yolanda" :-)) !!!!!

Viele liebe Grüße aus Bayern
Peter Wejdling
Sinai Divers Archive
Nancy - our IDC Course Director in Dahab
Hey Nancy, Hendrik, Yasser, Doug!

Thank you very very much for two extremely challenging and intensive weeks of my life. I'm a very happy man today thanks to your hard work. You made me a Dive instructor and you know what:I'll love it to be one! To whom it may concern: This IDC is worth every single pound you pay.

My recommendation: If you wanna get Instructor - choose Nancy and her team. Simply the best you can do!!!

Leeann Hughes
Course Director Nancy Abd El Wahab
Hi to Nancy, Yasser, Doug and Hendrik,

It has been a whirlwind experience but a very enjoyable one. I am so pleased to have done it and hope to get better and better.

Thank you very much for all your help and lets have a fantastic party tonight!

IDC September 2009!
Jane Anderson
Sinai Divers Archive
Nancy receiving the PADI Award in recognition of Contributions to Diver Education

Nancy and crew

What an amazing journey wouldn"t have missed it for the world, can"t thank you all enough.

Would recommend all DM"s go for it.

Cheers Shina
Mark Belchamber
Thomas Reich
The Sinai Divers Diving Center in Dahab
Yet another fabulous holiday with Sinai Divers, our third visit. Best organised dive centre ever had the pleasure to use, shame it's not a system adopted elsewhere.
All the staff are fab; professional, helpful, friendly and brown. Obviously, beautiful people. It's lovely, it's all lovely, we LOVED IT!

Bring on 2010, lucky them!

Mark, Cate, Fi, Ben, PD and Jax.
karen lampett
Sinai Divers Archive
Mady - Sinai Divers Dahab

had a lovely time.

Maddy the instructor, was very patient, kind and expert.
Sally & Mark
Sinai Divers Archive
The turtle at Gabr El Bint

Thanks for a great week of diving!

Quality set up, real friendly bunch - made all the dives relaxed and great fun, whilst also run smoothly and professionally.

Special thanks to Simone (sea_mone!) for taking me through the advanced course, it was great!

Gabr El Bint - 2 x turtles & a blue spotted ray = brilliant! ;-)
Nicole Noll
Sinai Divers Archive
With our Instructor Synthia (middle)

It was a great time with Sinai Divers.

I've done the open water certification, 3 dives for the advanced open water certification and the Nitrox course.

It was the first time that i was diving and i know i will do it again. Maybe next year, also in Dahab with Sinai Divers.

Thx for this time and this adventure :)
Sinai Divers Archive
The Sinai Divers Team in the Hilton Resort Dahab
Hi guys - a short message just from the center of my heart.

8 months - 3 trips to dahab, each for at least 7 days with all together 31 dives and a lot of fun! And the next trip will follow in October or January.

Do I need to say more?

Ah, yes: special thanks to your guys on the boats for the delicious lunch.

Big HUGs
Chris Bedborough
Even if I did miss the Hammerhead

Hi all,

Well another week has come and gone....

Next year will be our 10th year....

Many thanks to all the staff for their behind the scenes support and service.

Special thanks to Eduard for some great guiding

(even if I did miss the Hammerhead)....

felt like the old days
Andrei Koryak
Sinai Divers Archive
Victor - Sinai Divers - Dahab
Dear Sinai Divers

Huge greetings to you from Russia. From a city sochi, located by the black sea.

Were lucky enough to plunge in your branch with 30.08. - 4.09.2009.

In Dahab were pleasant. Remained are happy. Special thanks instructor Victor which was our guide.

To all we recommend Victor.

Andreya and Sergio...
Christian (Munich)
Sinai Divers Archive
Erik - Instructor - Sinai Divers - Na'ama Bay

I enjoyed the diving very much at sinai divers.

The people and staff are very friendly and open mined.

In particular I recommend diving with Erik.

A very nice guy and professional instructor!

I hope to see you all again soon,

Chris Smith
Sinai Divers Archive
Margriet (middle) Dave, Paula, Mike and Eduard
Hallo Sinai Divers,

We would like to thank you all for the fantastic time we had.

But Big thankyou to Margriet for helping us with our Open Water training. And for the fantastic adventure dives at Ras Mohamad.

Also thanks to Dave, Paula, Mike and Edwardo for some good times on the boot.

Hope to see you next year,
Thanks Chris And Esmeralda

Groetjes uit Holland

Sinai Divers Archive

As much as Thorsten is a FANTASTIC instuctor...

he sucks at underwater tic-tac-toe!
Nick Hartmann
Sinai Divers Archive
Alejandro - Sinai Divers - Na'ama Bay

Dear Sinai Divers,

and especially Alejandro, thank you for the good organization and friendliness, you made it very easy to enjoy a weekend outside of Beiut and become and Advanced diver in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Thank you!
Alina Rosu
Sinai Divers Archive
Erich - Instructor Sinai Divers - Baron Resort
Hello to Sinai Divers from Baron Resort!

I have just come back from a perfect holiday in Sharm el Sheikh and still cannot get out of my mind the wonderful diving days at the Dive center from Baron resort.

I did my open water course with Erich, he is a very good teacher and was a real support for me in some hard moments.Thank you Erich for your patience.

Best wishes to Ibrahim, Erich and Dea, hope to see you all again,

paul blake
You will see the hammerheads next time ;-)))
thanks to everyone at sinai divers naama bay just got back from an excellent weeks diving.

special thanks to paula our guide, rolf for his instruction on my nitrox course (forgotten all those calculations already) and to mark for some great photos.

only dissapointment was no hammerheads maybe next time!

hope to see you all again next year!

Paul Raymond
Sinai Divers Archive
The Oasis Dive Resort - Marsa Alam

Hi to all at the Oasis - Marsa Alam.

I would like to congratulate you on the outstanding service offered during our stay with you.

The holiday was perfect in every detail, we chose the resort because it was advertised as being a quiet, peaceful one with a friendly, helpful service and flexibility on choice of dive types and, as they say in the advert, \'it does exactly what it says on the tin\'.

We decided to take the five day House-Reef package as we didn\'t fancy dusty, tiring jeep rides across the desert in scorching temperatures with all of our equipment we were wrong.

We went on a couple of the \'Jeep Safaris\' which entails an air conditioned ride to the site (15-20 minutes) where all of our equipment was already there laid out ready for us.

We didn\'t go on any of the boat trips but everyone that did came back delighted, with stories of fantastic dives having sighted some amazing reefs and animals including Tiger Sharks.

It doesn\'t stop there; the accommodation, restaurant, and the service staff were also very good.

As a diver with 500+ dives under my belt all over the world including Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii, Maldives, and The Red Sea, I will be booking my next adventure at The Oasis Marsa Alam.

Once again, we would like to thank every member of the team (all of the staff at the resort) for a great diving holiday that we will talk about for a long time to come.

Best wishes to you all.

Paul, Tanja and Tracy.
Ian Bird
Sinai Divers Archive
Alejandro and Cam - Team Na'ama Bay
Hi All at Sinai divers

I would like to thank everyone for making me and my friends feel very welcome at the dive centre.

I did my discover scuba and a dive after DSD from a boat and loved every second of it. So thanks Cam and Alex for teaching me something new.

Not forgetting to thank all the staff for all the well organised trips on boats from the Dive centre

All the Best
John Hunter
Thomas Reich
The 40mm anti-aircraft machine gun on the stern of the Thistlegorm

Arrived after one of the best dives ever the Thistlegorm.

I would just like to say a very special thanks to Dean for this unique day from both myself and my son John jnr, I am sure that we will both be back sooner than we think ( cant wait ).

Once again thanks to Sinai and DEAN
Raul Velazquez
Sinai Divers Archive
Jon, Paula y Alejandro
Sinai divers is a great diving center with plenty of atmosphere and security, great time here!!.

Paula, Jon y Alejandro y el resto del equipo que habla espanol han sido increibles y acercan mucho el centro a los hispanohablantes,


un fuerte abrazo,

Raul : )
Sinai Divers Archive
Ex Sinai Divers instructors Andy (Bondie) and Martin

Greetings SD.

Hello from India...Martin and I are up about 5500 meters, and the staff shirt made it all the way....

Hello to all...


Davey and Claire Hamilton
Sinai Divers Archive
Dea at the Baron Hotel

What a fantastic time we had with Sinai Divers at the Baron Resort !!

All thanks to Dea at the Baron and our guides Vicky, Dave and Allaa.

Safe, Professional and Fun !!!

Cant wait for next year.
Florian Balmer
Florian Balmer
"Mike (NB: he's the blond-haired)"

We've made the Open Water Diver course with Mike.

He's a very competent teacher who really knows his matter!

Being a beginner, emphasizing security
made my introduction to the world of
diving very relaxed, nonetheless we've
also had a lot of fun!

Many thanks to all of you!

Hannah Benbow
Hammerheads included!!!!

A H-U-G-E THANK YOU to everyone at Sinai Divers!

Another great year with Turtles and Hammerheads included!!!!

Sinai Divers Archive
My pink fins!!!
THANK YOU all for the most amazing month i have just had with you all at Sinai Divers, Hilton, Dahab and where to start??

From open water course in 2006 to Divemaster this year under the incredible instruction and patience of Hendrik. It's been quite a journey! Watching him put on my pink fins during the kit exchange was priceless and for producing a pink mask for the snorkel test was great!

Thank you to Sherrif for allowing me fo assist him with an open water course. To Andy for intoducing Michael to the amazing world of freediving. Last year Michael became Sinai Divers youngest MSD maybe he'll become your youngest free diver, watching him freedive the Bluehole and Bells was great if not a bit nerve racking, to Rafit for giving Ian a taster of diving with a rebreather.

To Gosia, my DM buddy. for all you help and support with my course, I can't wait to hear that you have completed you Divemaster, and to Salah for the the help with my kit, expecailly my regualtor! There are so many more people to thank but i will finish by saying you are all the most amazing bunch of people and couldn't recommend your dive centre more highly. THANK YOU all so much and can't wait to be back with you, very soon i hope.

Love and Best Wihes
Jo x:)
Ahmad Hasan
Hi Ahmad - A big hello from the 2 spotted eagle rays
Dear Uli ..

This message is to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone in SinaiDivers.. I mean everyone.. I had the best time and fun I had for a very long time.. this is a life altering experience.. I don't think I'm the same man anymore..

I would like to thank Margret.. my beautiful instructor.. she made the whole thing looks and feel so easy.. also Sherif.. my 2nd day instructor.. he was great too.. the dive with him to the house reef was incredible.. please tell him to say hi to the 2 "spotted eagle ray" we met on Friday.. if he see them again..

Now.. I want this to be just a beginning.. what do I do next? where to go from here? what is the next course in line?

Can't wait for the drive back to Sharm next weekend..

Thank you very much.. Ahmad Hasan

Ono Mariko
Mariko Ono
Elsa with our children Anna and Akira
Dear Sinai Divers,

Just wanted to say a big, big thank you to all your staff who made our family diving holiday wonderful and very enjoyable.

Special thanks to Elsa, Friday, Gerrit, Gyorgy(?), Birgit, Nadia and Margriet who have been our dear instructors and of course to all other local staff too! Our son, Akira cannot stop talking about his bubblemaker experiences to all his friends and family. Both our children felt at home the most at Sinai Divers Centre during our holiday!

We very much hope to see you all again soon on our next diving adventure.

Lots of thanks from Iwan, Mariko, Akira and Anna

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Sinai Divers Archive
Myself with my dive instructor :) erik

hello everybody i had 4 great days bij diving at your diveschool

i learnt a lot because i had also a good dive instructor :) erik

de greatist dive was last monday at ras mohhamed with the shipwrek and a lot of fish

thank you very muts and see you

greetings frank alias froenkie
John Hanwell
Sinai Divers Archive
A fantastic start to our PADI diving
Came back to a really wet England!

Just looked at our dive pictures again and just wanted to say a massive thank you to all at sinai divers for a fantastic start to our PADI diving.
An extra thank you to Alexandra for organising everything and Dave for being our dive instructor.
Hopefully see you in two or three years time.

Many thanks again

John, Kate, James and Alexander
Keith Campbell
Sailfish at Gabr el Bint
Many thanks to everyone at Sinai divers Dahab for a wonderful fortnight of training and diving.

A special thanks to Hendrick for helping my wife over her fears and improving both of our diving skills. We were also very lucky to see Marlin and Hammerheads. A great experience in a well organised, confidence building environment.

Many thanks to all in Dahab.

Kathy Bradley
Sinai Divers Archive
Hendrik - Instructor Sinai Divers - Dahab
Thanks to everyone at Sinai Divers in Dahab for such a wonderful two weeks and unforgettable experiences diving. After a few negative incidences diving elsewhere I was really questioning weather I would dive again. With the expertise and patience of the team at Sinai Divers, (A very special thanks to Hendrick!) I've not only got my confidence back but feel my competence and general diving skills have vastly improved. You have really given this sport back to me and I just can't thank you all enough.

I can't wait to see all of you again and hope to plan a return trip very soon.

Best Wishes Always

Habib Doss
Sinai Divers Archive
We loved Alex our instructor!

This was the best experience in years!

We loved Alex our instructor!

Thanks so much!

From Youssef and Habib.
Mohamed Othman
Sinai Divers Archive
Alejandro - Sinai Divers - Na'ama Bay

I really enjoied my time with my first dive ever with alejandro, who be kind and help me a lot...

thanks Alex for your time with me.

Piotr Wasik
Sinai Divers Archive
Alejandro - Team Na'ama Bay

Alechandro is the best
Gitta Blatt
Check dive with the Dolphin at our shoulder
Hi Thilo, Andrea und Louis,

best greetings out of rainy Hamburg, just like to say how much i enjoyed the week with you. Fabulous dive places, tons of fun and best service ever (and i travell a lot.... ;-)!

Even the supporting guys are more than brillant trained. I felt so safe and for sure did 2 of my best dives among my first 100 accross 5 countries. The check dive with the Dolphin at our shoulder is a tattoo in my mind. I will be back soon, try to catch flights in August and hope to see you all.

Malte und Tanja einen guten Flug (!) and special regards to you Louis, keen on getting more great dives at your side :-)

Cheers Gitta
Craig Ovens
Sinai Divers Archive
Margriet - Team Sinai Divers - Na'ama Bay
Hiya all,

Once again I had a great time with Sinai Divers.

I would just like to say a big thanks to everyone in Sharm for making my holiday one to remember, a special thanks to Margriet for all her help and patience during my Rescue Diver course.

It was great to catch up with some old faces and to meet some new ones - hope to be back in the near future to get some serious diving done (no more courses for a while thank you very much) and next time I might even see a shark (fingers crossed).

I wouldn't even contemplate diving with anyone else in Egypt, Sinai is top class,

Hope to see you all again soon,

Valentina Cucchiara
Valentina Cucchiara
Fisherman in Tunisia


Coming back from the diving in Kelibia, in Cap Bon, Tunisia, we saw on a small fishing boat something...familiar...

We got closer and recognised a SINIA DIVERS T-SHIRT on this local fisherman!

We asked him if we could take a photo, he thought we wanted to photograph his big catch of fish...we then explained we came from the town of his shirt and asked him how he got it...

He bought it at the local Salvation Army equivalent shop!!!

We thought it was great!!!

Show it to Petra and Rolf for a laugh...

Sinai Divers around the world!


John Runcorn
Sinai Divers Archive
Gaby and Dea from the Baron Resort
Hi All

I had a great time as always. Many thanks to Gaby and Daya at the Baron Resort.

Thanks to William,(service dept) who repaired my stage1.

Hope to see you in septmeber....

Helen Alcock
Sinai Divers Archive
Sherif - Team Sinai Divers - Dahab

I had a cool time doing my open water with Sharif


The underwater pics are fab!

Maybe I'll come back and do the advanced course and hopefully see some 'real' fish!
Paul James
Sinai Divers Archive
Alejandro - Instructor Sinai Divers Na'ama Bay
Shore dive on house reef.

Guided dvie with Alejandro.

Diving with my daughter who has just got her jr open water.

She did check dive and Alejandro very good giving her confidence.
Also some welcome tips on how to reduce her air consumption.

Excellent advice, slow breathing and relax!
Sinai Divers Archive
Alejandro - Sinai Divers - Sharm el Sheikh

wicked to be back in the water.

Alejandro was great, very competent, felt comfortable in the water all the time.

He definately made the dive more enjoyable.
marcus cameron
Sinai Divers Archive
Andy - free diving Instructor in Dahab

had an awesome time diving with sinai divers,

great people and great equipment!

Andi the freedive instructor also comes highly reccommended.

Gitta Blatt
Sinai Divers Archive
Andrea & Louis - Team Oasis Dive Resort - Marsa Alam
To Sinai Divers Marsa Alam / The Oasis,

Hi Thilo, Andrea and Louis,
i like to say thank you again for the great week of dives. It already startetd with a highlight the dolphin in the house reef at our shoulder. This will stay like a tattoo in my mind. Your whole team is well organised and top professional, never the smallest accessory is missing, always the timing with Jeep,Zodiak, or ship is so well prepared. I travel a lot but your quality is really top of! Tons of fun, marvelous service by the so well trained supporting guys: for sure i will be back. Try to catch August flights:) Louis: keep your charming sympathic guidings, hope to dive at your side again soon, Cheers to all (und guten
Flug an Malte und Tanja!) Gitta
Slavomir Petras
Sinai Divers Archive
Alejandro Huiron - Instructor Sinai Divers
Just finished AOWD today, and have to say, I was very satisfied with the service from beginning till the end. All procedures are well organized, staff trained and profesional.

The prices for cources/dives are pretty much the same around whole Sharm, so I recommend, to stop by here and go with SinaiDivers.

Special thanks to instructor Alejandro Huiron for wonderfull time.

Steve Campbell
Sinai Divers Archive
Shadi and Hany - Team Backpackers - Dahab
I would like to thank you for a great diving trip in Dahab..
We all had a great time and your team was very cooperative especially with our last minute changes (Shadi)... The kids loved the diving too. My Son and I really enjoyed Hani.. He did the deep dive with us and was a lot of fun and enjoyed talking to him.. Good with people and communication skills..
All in all we would are ready to book another trip... Should be in August...

Oh, Nina was great with the small kids and they always remember their dive instructors..
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