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Sasja Stroem
The sharks I see next time:-)

Hello Sinaidivers

Thank you for some really nice boattrips with good food and lovely diving.

Loved to see the dolphins, seaturtles and eaglerays, the sharks I see next time:-)

Loves from

Doro and Birgit
The Dolphin Girls - Doro and Birgit
We had a wonderful time in Dahab and would like to say special THANX and SHOKRAN to:

* us:-)
* Zizou for driving us every day to Dr. Heikel for our equalizing test!
* Shadi and his very professional team of SINAI DIVERS at Backpackers for their brilliant support and the relaxed atmosphere!
* Synthia, we will never ever again loose our hold of our full tanks;-)
* God, for sending us the dolphin to Gabr El Bint, Alhamdulillah!
* Vicky and Anne for the loads of funny stories...Go Anne Go!!
* Our spanish friend "Santana" for the delivery of the worlds best self-made Tortilla on our last evening in Funny Mummy and also Shadi for organizing cigarettes all night long:-)

Good Bye - Ma Assalaama - Auf Wiedersehen, it was a pleasure to meet you!

The Dolpin Girls;-)
Doro and Birgit
Sinai Divers Archive
Myself with Catalan Iker

I had a wonderful time in Dahab and a great time doing my advanced!
Thanks to Sinai Divers and special thanks to Pritesh for being a great instructor and being patient all the time! Was great, especially the The Bells/Blue Hole!
The Night Dive was a special experience, but please fix the torches its just a shit feeling to dive in the dark without a proper light!

Thank you and see you soon!

Peter Collin
The Na'ama Bay in Sharm el Sheikh

We are back home and thinking of our fantastic stay in Sharm El Sheikh. Much thanks to all of you guys!

I must qoute Per "This is the best vacation ever!"


Peter and Per
Gareth Sherlock
Gareth Sherlock
Clive and my girlfriend Mairi
Hi all at Sinai Divers (Dahab),

I am writing a quick email to say thanks for making our holiday in Dahab such a great experience. All the staff were awesome (especially Clive Hanna who took us out for most of the week - my girlfriend also finished 2 courses!) and the diving was incredible.
It is obvious why the Dahab Sinai Divers centre is the Blue Ribbon centre in Egypt :-) !!!!!
My girlfriend and I are looking forward to coming over again soon.


Anna Berkes
Sinai Divers Archive
Gyuri - Sinai Divers - Sharm el Sheikh
Kedves Gyuri!

Október elején volt szerencsém találkozni Veled és a Vörös tengerrel. Fantasztikus élmény volt számomra az a két kis merülés, amiben Te irányítottál, tanítgattál, vigyáztál rám.

Nem tudom mennyire emlékszel, én voltam az 58 éves, fülfájós páciensed. Nem lett volna szabad merülnöm abban az állapotban, de mivel 10 éves korom óta vártam erre, úgy gondoltam egy életem, egy halálom... Te ezt kiválóan toleráltad. A tenger csodái közül sok gyönyör? séget láthattam Veled. De! Nem csak a tenger csodái, hanem a személyiséged varázsa is ajándék volt számomra.

Fáradt perceimben azokat a képeket idézem magam elé, amelyeket a kíséretedben láthattam. Valószín?, sokáig adnak ezek töltést a továbbiakhoz.

Kívánom Neked, hogy minden terved sikerüljön, a magánéleted boldog legyen!
Bízom abban, hogy még lesz lehet? ségem mindkett? tökkel találkozni!

Szeretettel: B. Anna
Sinai Divers Archive
Thanks Mariya for the beautiful poem - Emad, Youssef, Katy and Cam
Hi, Sinai Divers!

I want to thank each and every one on the Sinai Divers Naama Bay team! You made our diving holiday AMAZING!
I finally completed my education - thanks to Thomas "Cam" Cameron - a huge thank you to him and applause for his patience.
Our dives were always organized - thank you to the girls on the reception - especially Katy.
Our equipment was always nice and working (otherwise I wouldn't live to tell the story) thanks to the guys at the equipment desk.

So great - I got inspired. I dedicate this one to you, guys -
SHED A TEAR by Mariya Shcherbinina

To the depths of blue seas,
Where I saw different life,
I bid my farewell,
Maybe I'll even cry.

To the winds over oceans,
That took me to other worlds
I will say my goodbyes
And my promising words.

I will someday return
To see other shores,
To see different stories,
Of which i have heard.

They will soon be forgotten,
But by others, not me.
I will always remember
That very blue sea.

I will always remember
The smiles and words
Of the people who taught me
To see other worlds.

And I want to say thank you
For the things you have done.
For your smiles have helped me,
Bright as the setting sun.

Thank you dearly for everything
Thank you for what you do.
While waving good-bye,
I'll shed a tear or two.

Shed a tear for my happiness
Shed a tear 'cause all's well.
Shed a tear for remembrance
And a tear for farewell.

Shed a tear for the seas of blue
For the depths that remain.
Shed a tear for the mysteries,
That will never be the same.

Shed a tear for your talent.
Shed a tear for my fate.
Shed a tear to remember
And not to be late.

Then I once will return
And I will be able
To shad a tear for what I've known
And what I would remember.


Mariya Shcherbinina,
Junior Open Water Diver,
Sinai Divers Archive
Chris from the RSEC field station in Dahab located in Sinai Divers Backpackers

Hi Chris and team.I want to thank you all for a fantastic time.

I hope we can keep contact for a comeback.

manie greyling.

exstasea South africa.
derek worster
Sinai Divers Archive
Jeanette - Team Sinai Divers - Dahab

Our Dahab trip was a dream.

The "team" could not have been more helpful.

Jeanette MADE our first trip to Red Sea Diving.
gabriele langer
Sinai Divers Archive
Achmed - Team Sinai Divers - Na'ama Bay

Hi Achmet,

diving with you, looking for sharks and frogfishes and all those beautifully corals was really great.

we want to thank you for your enthusiasmus, all the nice briefings and your impressable skills in diving and guiding.

Thanks a lot

Gaby and Kurt.
Don Ross
Don Ross
The famous Jackson Reef frogfish

Thanks to all at SD Sharm el Sheikh,

it was great to be back and to see you all one year on. Special thanks to Friday for the pocketmoney, Tony for the taps, Barbara for showing me the dolphins on the Thistlegorm and the famous Jackson frogfish and Mark for the huge Grey Reef shark.

Hope to bre back at some point, hopefully to be guided by Emad.

Take care and all the best.

Paulette Arnold
Sinai Divers Archive
Alaa - Team Sinai Divers - Na'ama Bay

First time diving today 26/10/08.

Allaa was my guide, if it was`nt for him giving me the confidence I would never have done it, thank-you so much for taking me on my first diving experience.

Nathan Griffen
Hammerheads on the back of Jackson!

Amazing three day safari, thanks to Ahmed Tiger and all staff on Ghazala 2!

Peter & Natasha
Sinai Divers Archive
Hendrik - Instructor Sinai Divers Dahab
Hi Hendrik!

Natasha and I just wanted to say a quick thank you again for making our diving trip in September to Dahab so spectacular. It was truly memorable! We have especially fond memories of our day at the blue hole and Canyon - absolutely amazing! The diving in Sharm didn't even come close to comparing. Not only the diving but our guides in Sharm didn't display anywhere near the knowledge, skills and regard for showing your customers the best the area has to offer as you. You always planned our dives down to a T and truly cared about showing us the best. We had a lot of fun hanging out!

Thanks also for being a thorough and patient teacher for our Advanced Open Water Course. You made even the theory after a long days diving fun.

All the best and take care
Pete & Natasha
Sinai Divers Archive
Wonderful people - wonderful Sinai Divers
Another great years diving with you guys in Dahab.

Many thanks to the whole team for making my group feel at ease.
Wonderful people, wonderful dive sites, wondeful Sinai Divers.

Best wishes from,
Bryan & Cheryl
Ian & Sally
John & Janet

Hope to see you all again soon.
Sinai Divers Archive
Don, Sandra und Mido
Hi guys,

Mido und ich genossen es wie immer bei euch zu sein und wir haben euch alle (besonders FRIDAY) soooooooooo sehr vermisst.

Unser kleiner Tauchgang am Beach war echt cool (thanks DON u did great!!!)


BOSA Ex-counterchick SANDRA + MIDO
Phil & Fredrica Humphreys
Seagrass ghost pipefish (Solenostomus cyanopterus)

Many thanks to all staff in Dahab, particularly Jeanette for her video, and for finding new, for us, creatures.

The Seagrass ghost pipe fish, and the orange and white seaslug (name escapes me) spring to mind.
Sinai Divers Archive
Gaby and her team - Sinai Divers - Baron Resort

many thanks for the beautifull dives at Ras Mohamed Thistlegorm and dunraven
i like to make my special thanks to gaby ,William and team Baron Resort and to pete at centre naáma bay.

hope to see you again next year.

Peter(the dutch guy)
Richard Stock
Sinai Divers Archive
My check dive with Clive in Dahab

Thanks to everyone at Sinai Divers Dahab, especially Clive, for the fantastic support given to me as a novice diver.

It's great to have the video produced by Jeannette so I can look back and see all the fish and coral.

Looking forward to returning and doing the Advanced diving course.

A great diving holiday that I will be recommending to everyone.
Mady MacDonald
Grey reef sharks circling along the edge
It's not very often that I'm on the other side of this guest book, but recently I have been on the Gazala Voyager to the Brothers.
As a professional myself, having Brigette and Sharon as guides was sensational. The quiet waters of Dahab are a far cry from the big currents and adreneline shark diving of the Brothers. It was amazing! Ineveitably, Brigette was ALWAYS right... if we looked the other way for five minutes we'd undoubtedly miss grey reefs circling, mantas gliding past or hammerheads passing by. Her judgement was sound in every way. Both Hendick and I said a dozen times that week how lucky we were to have such a great boat, great crew and great guides.

Thanks for everything!
Anu Ojha
Sinai Divers Archive
Mady - Team Sinai Divers Dahab
A long-overdue thank you to the staff at Sinai Divers in Dahab - Hilton - and especially my lead instructor Mady MacDonald.

First class equipment and professionalism exhibited at all times by the dive center, and as for Mady's instructional ability and commitment - inspirational! As someone who has been involved in several adventure sports to quite a high level, I was extremely impressed by her dedication to ensuring maximal student progression through the PADI course as well as her insights into the wider world of diving.

Thank you once again - looking forward to coming back in November!
Márcia Massironi
Sinai Divers Archive
Paula and myself
Hi, Paula and Sílvia

It was great diving with you, I miss the bell calling for the briefing early in the morning. Send my regards to Capi and his crew....see you next year?????

Kisses....and never forget that there´s nothing a good diving day won´t cure!


William Lumsden
Little Buddah - take your diving torch!
Many thanks once again to everyone at Sinai Divers for another superb holiday, a special thanks to Friday for all his help and to Gerrit for two fantastic dives on The Thistlegorm, in great sea conditions and the crew of the SKY K. Some extra thanks to Gerrit for recommending the Little Buddah restaurant, but he forgot to tell me to take my diving torch with me because it was darker in the restaurant than it was in the holds of The Thistlegorm !!! but the food was very good. A huge thank you to Tony and Eveline at the E-mocean photography shop for two magic shore dives at Ras Mohammed, the photographs and video are mgnificent, so once again, many, many thanks to everyone at Sinai Divers, you just get better and better, love and best wishes from a wet and windy Bonnie Scotland, William Lumsden.
Hannah Benbow
Sinai Divers Archive
The Sinai Divers Dahab Team

My first ever dive experience was fantastic!

Apart from an ear infection everything was great.

Thank you to Clive, Jeanette, Andy, Ashraf, Eid, Johan, Ed and everyone else at Sinai Divers, Dahab.
David Pickford
David Pickford
The highlight of the week - to dive with 2 dolphins
Hi to everyone at Sinai Divers, Hilton ( Dahab ).

Thanks for a great week of diving. The dive centre is professionally run and everyone is very friendly.

The highlight of the week was our last dive when we were lucky enough to dive with 2 dolphins.

We ended up spending 30 minutes with them at about 20 metres and they were very playful (including picking up stones and dropping / catching them mid water etc).

What a dive! You can see some footage here:
Valentina Cannnizzaro
Sinai Divers Archive
Gaby and Ibrahim - Team Baron Hotel
Thanks a lot to all the team at Sinai divers Baron hotel Sharm for a fantastic diving with a great instructor Ibrhaim!

(It's the 3^ time for me!)

Special thanks to Evelin, Tony (his dvd is fantastic) Gaby and William.

Ciao e grazie!

Valentina, Riccardo, Murizio, Paolo e Domenico Cannizzaro
Mathieu Laforest
Sinai Divers Archive
Khaled - Team Sinai Divers Backpackers, Dahab
I m totally satisfacted of this dive shop !

Maximum 4 divers per group and the schedule and sites are very flexible !!! Also, you keep the same equipement for all your dives. Staff very friendly and best prices in dahab.

Go for it !!!!! sinai backpacker dive center

Tricia Ward and Pau Curtis
Sinai Divers Archive
We are suppose to be a clock... harder than initially thought!
Hi to everyone at Sinai Divers, Dahab!

Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed doing our Open Water and Advanced Courses with you. From the moment we walked through the door, a little nervous, of course...we were immediately put at ease and made to feel comfortable and relaxed - which kind of helps when you're 20-30m under water!

Every part of the dive holiday ran like clockwork - courses, dives, equipment, jeep and boat trips - thanks to you guys and especially Hendrik - and we will definitely back to do the Blue Hole and Canyon amongst others! I'm so impressed that you even got one of the turtles to come out and see us for our last dive!

Can't recommend you guys highly enough!

See you soon,
Trish and Paul
gregor ulz
Ulz Gregor
112 hammerheads - 1 whale shark - 7 turtles - 6 eagle rays - name it!
I want to say thank you for the great 10 days safari on ghazala voyager in august!!
special thanks to our friend ahmed tiger for guiding us through the ten days and showing us
112 hammerheads
1 whaleshark
the several grey reef and whitetips
the eagle rays and the other fantastic stuff!

thanks also to tim for the nice week on the xtra boat
specially for the fun on the wet deck after the longimanus!!

see you next year
Viv, myself and Alex
Hi everyone at Sinaidivers Dahab,

I just finished my Divemaster Training at Sinaidivers Backpackers. It was a wonderful time with all you guys! Very professional and friendly employees. Thank You all!

Especially Viv, of course, my instructor..or better..mentor :) I really loved the training with you.

Next time I come back still seems soooo far away..

Sinai Divers Archive
I'm gonna miss all of you too. Bye, bye! Erin
To everyone at Sinai Divers in Dahab,

Thank you for a great weeks diving. Have returned to Dahab many times before this place keeps getting better and better. Thank you to Ashraf, Andy and Ed for some great days out. There was only one disapointing moment of the trip which was when we found out Erin will not be there next year, but we wish her good luck in her move back home, we will miss you next time.

Thanks again to everyone.

Jo McDonnell
Sinai Divers Archive
Michael receiving his certificate of excellence for becoming to youngest Master Scuba Diver
Hi to everyone at Sinai divers in Dahab.
Can't beleive that our three weeks with you came and went so quickly, but what a truely amazing time we had. You all made us feel so welcome.
Thank you so much to Hendik for being a fantastic and very patient instructor and getting Michael at the ripe old age of 12 to become a Master Scuba Diver,maybe the youngest, and me being the oldest!!! I hope Eid you nose has recovered from Michael using it as a joystick during our rescue diver course.
Thanks also to Asraf, Katie, Ed and Andy for some great dives, we have some lovely photos to look back on. Even if Ed did turn left instead of right at coral garden!
It was also great meeting up again with Nancy and Alistair who we first met with you guys 2 years ago.
We are really sorry trhat we won't be seeing you Erin at the dive show in November, we'll have to make a trip down under instead to see you, but it will be great seeing Johan there.
Thanks again to everyone, we had the most amazing time. See you all again next year.
Love Jo and
PS Divemaster here we come!!

Jo Turpin
The Hammerheads at Jackson Reef
My husband Tony and I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone at Sinai Divers who made our holiday so fantastic both last year and this year - especially Gabby, Ibrahim and William at the Baron Resort for taking such good care of us and making us feel so welcome, and Sveta, Richard, Mitch, Dean, Mo and Eduard for being such fantastic guides.

It was great to dive with Sveta again - Richard and Shrek say hello and thanks for the present!

Also a big thank you to Captain Yahya of Gazala 5 - a brilliant Captain who treated us with great hospitality, who we hope to see again next year! We'd love to see the 19 Hammerhead sharks at Jackson Reef again too please!!

See you all next August.

Best wishes

Jo and Tony Turpin

Sinai Divers Archive
Backpackers Team - Khaled, Viv and Shadi
Dear Sinai Divers Backpacker Team

We enjoyed doing the Open Water and all the other dives and want to thank you for everything. Friendly staff, experienced and professional instructors (special thanks to Synthia), nice atmosphere - to make a long story short, we would recommend this center to everybody!!!

Greets and hope to see you again!

Marcel, Boris, Pascal
Steve Thomas
Sinai Divers Archive
Mady walking on water....
I got my new padi card today, having completed my Advanced with Mady Macdonald at Dahab. I also got invited to complete a questionnaire about the instructor...

I told them that in my humble opinion Mady walks on water....

of course that's not helpful for a diving instructor :)
Matthew Rallison
Sinai Divers Archive
Jeanette and Clive
Thanks a lot to all the team at Sinai divers for a fantastic underwater holiday. Special thanks to Max, Tim, Andy, Akmed for many memorable dives and Clive for being a great instructor for my advanced OW. Thanks also to Jeanette for an excellent DVD which I have already enjoyed watching several times.

Overall a fabulous two weeks which would not have been the same without such a welcoming and friendly bunch of people. Lookforward to hopefully returning next for more diving.

Thankyou again,
Rachel Dickens
Sinai Divers Archive
Mady and myself
Just wanted to say a huge 'Thank you' to the Sinai divers team, for making a great holiday - superb!

A special thanks to Clive, Eid and Mady (what an 'asset') - for taking care of me and getting me through my 'Open Water' level. Never before have I met so many friendly, welcoming and encouraging instructors - you really made learning to Dive an enjoyable, unforgettable experience.

We have never gone back to the same place to holiday before... but Dahab is different! The boys are already talking about joining their Mum and learning to Dive next year!

Simon Osmond
Sinai Divers Archive
And as you can see - it is growing fast!!!
Back in the UK and missing Dahab already!!! A HUGE thankyou to all the guys at Sinai divers for making the diving so enjoyable. Shame about the whale shark and threshers, maybe next time!!!

Special thanks to Eid who should carry on growing his hair!! Salmi for the fantastic evening in the mountain, Ashraf for the wonderfully chilled dives and of course Simone the best counter chick ever!!

Lastly a MASSIVE thanks to Clive and Jeanette for putting up with us for 3 weeks, we miss you all.

Cant wait to see you all again very, very soon.
Dive safely
Sinai Divers Archive
Sinai Divers Backpackers
Hi Shady, Yvonne, Hanni and the rest of the crew at Sinai Divers (Backpackers).

I was on holiday with the Planet Divers group back in June and spent nearly every day diving with one or more of you guys. What a great bunch, friendly and professional (you've heard it all before I know, but it really is true).
Thanks for a great time and hope to get back sometime soon and see you guys again.

Anyone planning a trip to Dahab should look these guys up, they'll take great care of you.

Sinai Divers Archive
Synthia - Sinai Divers Backpackers Team
Dear Sinai Divers Backpacker Team

We enjoyed doing the Open Water and all the other dives and want to thank you for everything. Friendly staff, experienced and professional instructors (special thanks to Synthia), nice atmosphere - to make a long story short, we would recommend this center to everybody!!!

Greets and hope to see you again!

Marcel, Boris, Pascal
Rami Kaldas
Sinai Divers Archive
Hendrik Martens - Sinai Divers Dahab
hey everyone

i just like to give a big thanks to everyone at padi except for hendrik martins.(just joking.) thanks Hendrik for helping me get through everything and have a wonderful time in in the making ive really enjoyed diving with you guys and hopefully will come again.

to everyone at pad and the Sinai divers team
kelly stokes
Sinai Divers Archive
Hendrik and Clive
Just like to say a big thankyou to the team at Sinai Divers in Dahab. I had a great hoilday, and I would like to say thankyou to Hendrik Martens for making my first time of diving memorable and fun. Thankyou for motivating me through the padi open water course and giving me the confidence to progress and do my Adventure dives which I loved doing!! My favourite dive was the night dive which was the last dive of my hoilday, and it was the perfect end to my hoilday. I can't wait to come back and do more dives with you!
Also a thankyou to Clive Hanna and the team at e-mocean for filming me on my open water dive at the lighthouse. And making it into a dvd so I can watch back on one of the best experiences that I have done!!
Hope to see you all again next summer!
Take care, from kelly stokes x
Sean Nelson
Sinai Divers Archive
Yannick, Synthia, myself and Andreas
Thank you Bob, Synthia and the entire crew at Sinai Divers Backpackers for a wonderful introduction to the undersea world.

You were all completely professional and a blast to work and hang out with. Now that you've made an Open Water Diver of me, I will sing your praises wherever I go, and this will be my first stop when I return to Dahab in the future (which can't come soon enough).

Sinai Divers Archive
d cynthia isch meeeega nett...

it was great fun...
...but very hot..!!!

es isch eifach hammer xii..!!
...aber sehr heiss..!!

avevamo un tempo molto bello..!!
...e stato molto caldo...

...c'etait tres formidable..
..mais trop chaud..!!!

d cynthia isch meeeega nett.. und ich han voll freud ghaaa..!!

vili liebi gruessli vo de anina und de sonja und em yannick und em andreas (andy)

bis irgendwenn..!!!
Graham & Elaine
Sinai Divers Archive
With Erin and Aid in the Dahab Bar
Hi Folks

We just got back after yet another fantastic trip to Dahab. Thanks to Erin ,Eid and all the dive centre staff for looking after us and Tim, Andy, Max , Ashraf and all the other guides for showing me the Red Sea. Sinai Divers is the most friendly dive centre we have been to. We come back every year and all the staff go out of their way to look after us.
We look forward to seeing you all again , maybe at the dive show if not next year for sure .

All the best

Graham and Elaine
Baz Hornby
Sinai Divers Archive
The Sinai Divers Dahab gang
Hey everyone at Sinai Divers at the hilton in Dahab.

first of all thank you to sharif for teaching Jenny how to dive and giving her the confidence to get through her OW and AOW. Thank you to all of you for puttng up with me again as well, it was good to see you all again. my mum and dad had a good time for the second week as well. We all had a good time out in Dahab with you all. You are all so welcoming and friendly that we will definately be coming again.
also i was glad to see that Clive and Jannette are now out there as instructors now and hope they have a good time doing there video course. alli was also there at the same time which completes the threesome. we all had a good time in and out of the water.
many thanks go to you all again. erin/ nancy/ handrik/ johan/ ashraf/ sherif/ salah/ eid/ selme/ maxim/ andy/ hussain/ simone/ tim/ mady/ katie/ nick. i hope i didn't miss anyone out.
see you again as soon as i can get out there again.

Roxana Carmaciu
Sinai Divers Archive
Paula Rueda, our instructor from Sharm

I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to you all, especially to Paula Rueda, our instructor from Sharm, the one who transformed our experience there from great to life changing ;). Here is why:

Hope to see you again soon :)
Alli Brown
Sinai Divers Archive
The three wise monkeys....
Dahab - Aaaah Dahab......
I've been home but a few hours and am missing the gold town and you wonderful people already.
I am so sorry for not getting into the dive centre before i left so i would like to say a huge thank you to you all now.
Jeanette and Clive for being my bestest friends in the world, nothing is too much for you (even putting me up for three weeks) and for being great dive guides and pub guides :o)
Hendrik - I'll never see you in the same light again......It was very fetching attire though.
Simone and Erin who are always there to greet you with smiling faces. Johan, Eid, Salah, Salmi, Hamam, moon and everyone else who work their backsides off to make Sinai Divers Dahab the best dive centre possible. You are all so much fun. I particularly liked the three wise monkeys....
I hope to see you all again soon, ensha-allah.
Ida Hostrup-Jessen
Sinai Divers Archive
Cecilie and myself
Thank you so much for making my vacation in Dahab so great!

Sinai divers BACKPACKERS - you are the best diving center in all Egypt. The staff were all so professional and friendly especially my instructor Pritesh Shah - thanks to him I had the most amacing experience diving for the first time. I will deffinitely come back as soon as possible diving at BACKPACKERS again!

Once again thank you all of you!

See you soon :0)
Love Ida
Cecilie Hostrup-Jessen
Sinai Divers Archive
Playing backgammon with my instructor Pritesh Shah
A big thanks to the best divecenter in the world!

Sinai divers and BACKPACKERS in Dahab..

Thank you so much for a great time! We were so lucky to have the best instructor, Pritesh Shah, and the best divecenter in Dahab at the same time :-)

Looking forward to come back to you guys!
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