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Chris Long
Thomas Reich
The Diving Centre in Dahab
Four of our Earthdive team went diving in Dahab this year.

We were very lucky to have chosen Sinai Divers to dive with - an extremely professional dive centre based at the Hilton Hotel. The dive centre was great, the dives were great, the guides were great and the weather was magnificent - as always.

Many thanks to all the staff at Sinai Divers and we look forward to diving with you all again soon.
Evan Sykes
Sinai Divers Archive
Evan and Tim
Hello Sinai Divers Hilton,

I went snorkelling at the Blue Hole. Outside the Blue Hole the water was 2km deep which was a bit scary when I first saw it but I swam over it and I saw the reef. I saw a clownfish, 3 lionfish and a triggerfish.

Thank you to Tim for picking up my fin when it fell off and to Homam for helping me.

See you soon Evan age 7.
Clinton D.
The Hilton Beach Resort in Dahab
Many thanks to all the staff at SINAI DIVERS for their part in helping to make a recent holiday special. Indeed, the week was too short at this resort with so many things to do. The diving was great and organisation of transfer by jeep (clearly) well practiced and good fun.
Our third time to The Red Sea, we find Dahab (as precious as gold), provided a great and well balanced holiday. The staff at the Hilton Beach Resort and Andrew Warner Holidays deserve a mention as they too played a part.
I truely beleieve that all whom go to the Red Sea would benefit from a stay in Dahab and working with a quality team such as SINAI DIVERS.

I was delighted to find that the team are as warm in their post holiday service as they are face to face.

My only regret, that we only stayed for a week and that we are not there now.

Very many thanks.

Thomas Chubb
Sinai Divers Archive
Hendrik - Sinai Divers - Dahab

Just writing to say thank you to Sinai Divers for such a fantastic holiday. The service and training were really good and definitly made my stay in Dahab one to remember.

Thanks in particular to Hendrik for his instruction for the week, I will hopefully see you all next year.

All the best,

Thomas Chubb.
Patricia and Michael
Sinai Divers Archive
Synthia and Khaled - Sinai Divers Backpackers - Dahab
We like to say thanks to everybody at sinai divers (backpackers) for making the diving experience GREAT.

We hope to come back to Dahab and see all of you again.
And special thanks to Snythia for taking the time to find a seahorse(pregnant) and if the photo,s turn out ok. We will send them to. And of course Shadi for getting from out hotel to the divecenter every day.

Hope to see you all next year.
Michael and Patricia
Reto Spörri
Reto Spoerri
Relax and Chill
Hy Guys!!!
I hope, that you are all fine!
Finally I found some time to say again thank you for the great time I'd with you guys!

Lots of Tnx to Synthia! She made our trips special and showed us new stuff in the divespots.
Tnx to Shadi and all the rest of the Backpackers Team for their friendship and the good time!!

I' m so happy that I finally finished my movie about my last Dahab trip. If you like you can check it out on

I'll upload it on youtube soon....
All my blessings to you!!!!!!
Mathew Power
Sinai Divers Archive
Shadi, Yvonne and Hany - Sinai Divers Backpackers - Dahab

Hi all,

just wanted to give a big thanks to Hani, Yvonne, Shadi and all the other guys down at Backpackers for making my time in Dahab so enjoyable.

Superb diving, great school, can't wait to come back over.
Jemma Houghton
Sinai Divers Archive
Yvonne and Hany - Backpackers Dahab

hey guys,

Just wanted to thank you all especially Hannie and yvonne for making my first time in Egypt the best!

The Diving was AMAZING!!!

Looking forward to seeing you all real soon

love jemma x.x.x
Sinai Divers Archive
Shadi, Vicky and Hany - Backpackers Dahab
hey boys and girls

i have already seen a lot in my life believe me, but i have never seen such professional divers and funny people in the same time!
sinai divers is the best divecenter i have ever been, we felt like a big family from beginning (even as dusty divemasters ;-).
sometimes we had some argue about colors down there, but maybe the swiss blue is just different as the agypt blue right hany?! anyway, thanx hany for great guiding and all the adventures! you know you are the best right?!
shady is managing the whole stuff really great (can i come again know?)! he say's that he's agypt but im pretty shure that his grandgrandfather was english with the dryest dark english humor ever ;-).
ohh, and watch out for that beautifull lady vicky...she just seems to be a nice girl...

coming home i felt like an angel falling down from heaven to earth-autsch!

thanx and big kiss to all of you

Marilena in love with dahab

Anthony Hays
Sinai Divers Archive
Eid, Tim, Simone and "Moon" so laid back
To all the staff at Sinai Divers, thank you so much for a great weeks diving, was absolutely brilliant. A very proffessional set up, one of the best I have come across. Rest assured I will recommend you to anyone I know who comes your way. What impressed me most was everyone maintained such proffesionalism at the same time as being so friendly and helpful, rare qualities.

In particular Eid the friendly Eid always a smile,and all my dive leaders, Janet so bubbly and nothing was too much trouble, Paul very professional, informative and a great bloke, Tim a very impressive confident chap who led a great day out on the boat and lastly the lovely Simone, excellent briefing and again very professional. I cannot forget "moon" so laid back, improved my arabic and was so informative.

After such a great time I will be back soon, diving A1.

Thank you all once again,

Tony :)
Sinai Divers Archive
Ready for the dive!
Hi Sinai Divers,

This post is a little late then planned but once back in the UK its easy to forget the great time and chilled vibe in Dahab, Egypt.

So i just wanted to say a great big thank-you to Pritesh who is an excellent instructor.

I have dived with a few centers in Egypt and Sinai divers is both professional and friendly at the same time which are qualities which are not easy to combine.

Hope to see you all again in the future!

lisa phillimore
Sinai Divers Archive
The Sinai Divers Backpackers "Gang"
Hi Guys.

We had the best diving holiday.
Lots of variety with the dives, great organisation and good fun !

Shame Colin didnt see the eagle ray ..... WE DID !!! (oh and the seahorse....)

Thanks especially to Hannie and Yvonne, you were brill !

But why did you push me off the truck ?

ha ha.. Lisa x
Tim Humber
Sinai Divers Archive
Gary, Chris and myself
Well you guys are the best !

Thank you so much for making my recent stay in Dahab such a memorable one.

Yvonne you are awesome, you showed us things we would not have seen if it wasn't for your keen eye and experience.

The whole team at Siani Divers work really hard and very well toghther and nothing is too much trouble.

I have many happy memories that will be with me for a long time. *-*-*-*-*
Colin Johnson
Sinai Divers Archive
Hany, Yvonne, Matthew, Trevor, Jemma and myself lying in the front
Can't say enough good thing about this club.

Top notch instructors and a good (for want of a better work) base of operations.

These guys really know their stuff. Had some awesome dives with them.

Thanks heaps to Yvonne and Hannie for all their work, and for their patience (especially Yvonne!).
Gary Lord
Sinai Divers Archive
The "Planet Divers Eastbourne"
Dear All at SinaiDivers Dahab Backpackers Dive Centre,

I'm now back from the most amazing dive holiday with my local club "PlanetDivers Eastbourne" for whom you provided for, while we were in Dahab. Thank you for making my dive holiday truly orsome. The centre was well organised and clean, the staff friendly, professional, courteous and knowledgable. The instruction was concise and second to none. Many Many Thanks, especially to Yvonne. "Your a STAR". The equipment was to a high standard and the underwater dives well planned and executed. "Plan the Dive - Dive the Plan". What can I say? "You Guys and Girls are truly the best." I'd recommend you to anyone diving in your part of the world. I hope to see you all again on another dive trip some time soon.
Thanks again to you all.
Take care.
Paul Fielding
Paul Fielding
The whale shark that I was lucky enough to see on the local dive trip
Hi Gabby,

I am now back home the washing machine has not stopped since we arrived & the lawns & flowers have been attended to, we're now ready for a holiday!!

Thanks very much to you & your staff for all your efforts in making my holiday very special I look forward to visiting you all again one day.

Best wishes

Paul Fielding (15 litre)
Frank and Sam Rowe
The Baron Resort in Sharm el Sheikh
Hi Gaby and team

Arrived back in england safely yesterday. Thanks for a great few days diving and putting Sam through his enriched air qualification.
We both really enjoyed our stay at the baron resort and especially the diving on the house reef......we have tons of pictures and videos of what we saw. Hope to see you next year.

Many Thanks

Frank and Sam
Ayman Kaheel
Sinai Divers Archive
Yvonne at the cleaning station

Hi all @ Dahab BackPackers,

Thank you for the awesome time we've spend during our OWD course.

It was really fun!

Yvonne, thanks for your patience and all your tips, you are no doubt a very talented instructor.

Thanks again and I hope to see you all soon.

Arend and Aruna
Peter Emch
The Dahab Laguna 1984
One word, EXCELLENT!!

Good service for teaching open water PADI, different locations, and very nice employees.

We will recommend Sinai Divers in Dahab! Thank you for everything

Kind regards,

Arend and Aruna
anna clara
Steph and Yvonne - Backpackers Dahab
dear all @ backpackers dahab

thx for making the dive centre my second holiday home for a week :)

yvonne - thx for your patience and tips - how did you know that the underwater naturalist was my favourite speciality?!

steph - it's kind of sunny in london these days... so don't worry
about getting (too) cold :)

dogs - pet them for me please!!!!

dudes from reef check - i'm so sorry i missed out on these guys...
hi there next time i'll pop in xD

take care
xxxxxxxxxx anna

check this out

Sinai Divers Archive
Hey Sailor, whats that under your boot! :-)
Hi Guys at the Hilton centre in Dahab,
I would like to thank, are you ready for this Hendrick, Erin, Nancy, Johan, Nicole, Ashraf, Edi, Mady, Salmee, Hamdi, German Andy, Sharife, Torsten, Mad Man Hussaine, Yhassa, Simona and Nicholas, if I have missed anyone out I do apologise it is not intentional, for a great, enjoyable and life changing two months. I would like to praise everyone for their professionalism, not only towards the training I received, from Rescue diver through to Instructor but also as a dive centre in their Professional attitude as a whole to diving. I recommend this centre to anyone interested in becoming a Dive Master or doing their IDC and not forgetting any PADI dive course. If you want to learn to dive the training is second to none.
Big thanks must go to Hendrick for getting me through with his G….. efficiency. I hope to get out in the near future for a holiday and guess what some diving so stand by for my return.
Technical expertise is almost taken for granted but I cannot state that not only is the whole approach professional but that you also gave me the benefit of your friendships two months away from home can be hard if you have no fun…. Finally thanks to you all for a superb last night meal you didn’t have to and it was much appreciated.
Looking forward to getting back out in the near future and would love to see you all and hopefully dive with you again ….would love a job but as I have had to get my hair cut twice..I don’t have the right look…

Take care, Vinny (sailor)
Christina Forey
Sinai Divers Archive
A big thank you to Jim
Hi everyone at Dahab

just wanted to say a big thank you to Jim for getting me through open water and to everyone else - Ashraf, Laia, Mady, Ayman and Carsten for four more dives, where I got more confidence and felt I was making progress with buoyancy etc and really started to enjoy it all, dive instructors are definitely THE most patient and chilled people on the planet. I really wanted to stay longer and dive more - trying to work out now when and where I can dive next!

Thanks to all the guys in the shop and the drivers too.
Mariya Shcherbinina & family
Sinai Divers Archive
A very big thank you to all the reception girls
I would like to say thank you very much to the Sinai Divers center in Ghazala Hotel, especially to Pete and Dean, the amazing instructors who somehow managed to teach me something, to Svetlana, Richard, Mario, Friday and many-many others who made our holiday memorable! Hope to see you very soon,
From Ukraine with love,
Shcherbinina and Nesinum

P.S.: And a very big thank you to all the reception girls who helped us with everything!!!
Derek Howard-Orchard
Sinai Divers Archive
Tim and Hendrik - Team Sinai Divers Dahab
Hendrik & team at Sinai Divers Dahab

I would just like to send my sincere appreciation to Hendrik, Tim, Anna, Ayman, Carsten and the rest of the team at Sinai Divers at Dahab for making my re-introduction to diving so enjoyable.

As you all know, I had not dived for almost 20 years and was apprehensive about diving again, particularly as I am far from confident in the water. My refresher course, carried out by Hendrik and Tim was exceptionally thorough and professional, and although there were exercises I was less than happy about performing, the tuition instilled confidence and I ended up carrying out tasks I was dreading with ease.

My subsequent dives were very professionally managed with the Dive Masters keeping a watchful eye on me and my air consumption, which I am pleased to say, reduced considerably during the week.

All in all a wonderful re-introduction to the undersea world and I look forward to seeing you all again in November, when I will be back to do my Advanced Open Water Diver qualification and a Nitrox course.

Many, many thanks for your time and kindness.

Jorma Niemelä
Sinai Divers Archive
Eduard, man know how chase mantas:))
hello Sinai Divers,

me and my divebyddy Juha had again awesome week with you guys.

special thanks to Eduard,man know how chase mantas and sharks:))we saw both.this was our fourth trip to sharm and it just getting better every time.the crew in the boats was very friendly and helpful like always,so thank you all,

i am sure we see pretty soon again.
The best collection of divers imaginable!
The most excellent day of diving in my recollection, and with the best collection of divers imaginable!

Three dives off the Ghazala 6 at Ras Abu Galum. Diving with the Backpackers instructors and staff was a perfect Dahab experience.

Thank you to everyone at the Backpackers for an exquisite day!
Sinai Divers Archive
Ahmed Tiger & Dean in action!
Hello everybody in Sharm!

I would like to say big thank you to all in Sinai Divers!

I had marvellous two weeks.

Special thanks to Dean and Ahmed Tiger (my instructors) and Pete who showed us so many things.

You are great team!

Sinai Divers Backpackers Team - Dahab

A big thank you to everyone at Backpackers in Dahab, for your warm welcome and professionalism, it was fantastic to get to know you and do my first diving with you.

I'll surely be back!!

Claire Jenkins
Sinai Divers Archive
The cheery guys at Sinai Divers Na'ama Bay

just arrived home and I would like to say a big thank you too everyone. Especailly, Tiger and Dean for great teaching, and the cheery equipment guys who knew all our names and numbers!

maybe see some of you again, who knows.

Claire, Suzanne and Rickie
Cornelia Hertig
Andy, Hattie, Hendrik, Conny and Didier at Moray Garden
Hello Hendrik, Eid und Co.

I`m back Home from my arabien trip and i have to tell you guys, that i had a great time with you in Dahab (End of March) !!

Hendrik : Tahnks for your absolutely professional training ! We had hard 4 days but you looked so good after us and trained us strictly with a lot of fun. I felt very secure and good trained !!! I will come back for diving with you at the Blue Hole, not for snorkling ;-).

Eid : Thanks for showing me around and taking care of me ! It was so nice to have your company for eating dinner and smoking schischa :-)). PS: thanks also for your bargaining for me !!

Hello also to Salme, Hamd, Sala and the rest of the Team.

Dearest, Conny
Preben Johansson
Snorkling with a dugong in Marsa Alam!

Thank you for the good snorklingtrips.

best regards

Karna & Preben
Basel Aly
Dahab means 'gold' in Arabic

Well Salam aLL Dahab is wondrful Place

i had my own Resturant there almost 10 years ago and i had the most pretty time there Diving and snorkeling at thisa mazing area not only in sinai or middle east but i guess in the world, am sure every one enjoy it as i always enjoyed it day time and night
Sinai Divers Archive
Hi Chris - We certainly did enjoy our days off - Hope to see you again soon - Mady & Vinnie
Hi guys,

I hope you enjoyed your days off, back to the 'grind' now!

We had a fantastic time, thanks for looking after us so well. I was really pleased we went on and did the Advanced course with you, it made the perfect experience.

I hope we get the opportunity to dive with you again in the future.

Best of luck. Chris
Sinai Divers Archive
Mady & Vinnie - Dahab Hilton Team

hi Mady & Vinney,

I would just like to say a big thankyou to you both.

Such a wonderful experience and great company.

Looking forward to our next dive(s)

all the very best to you both.

Debs xx
Sinai Divers Archive
Ben and myself studying for the Advanced course

thank you mady and vinney for being super great,

you have been great frends in the last days :)

thx for all your help and niceness

from your student Josh :P
Monika/Mona Varga
Sinai Divers Archive
I have to say lods of thanks for your help, enthusiasm, laugh, "beer&coke@whisky"...
Hi for All SinaiDivers's Team in Naama Bay!!!

I just spent 5 weeks to become a Divemaster with/at SinaiDivers, it was like hard work and fun, lots of new experiences the same time, under/above water.
Really-really have to say lods of thanks for your help, enthusiasm, laugh, "beer&coke@whisky"... I think without all You and this I never become a Divemaster... First of all to Mr. Friday for giving me a chance!!!
Thanks again for your help and encouragement; especially to my charming, but strict Instructor George (who is a Hun,like me, for a suprise...) and to Tom for Rescue ( i will never forget about panicy diver!!!), and Richard for his extra help and advices, just as well as to Sweet Sveta and Barbara, and Janluka and others...and of course for the guys behind the desks and on the buses!!!

The only bad thing about that diving center is to leave it behind...
I really miss you all and to be there!!!
Hopefully I'm back soon, but one day for sure!!!

All the Best for All of You! Monika/Mona
Tim, Debbie, James and Isabelle
Sinai Divers Archive
The McInnes Familly - Tim, Debbie, James, Isabelle & Mady

I just wanted to say that we had a fantastic time in Dahad thanks to you guys esp Ashraf, Ayman, Vinnie, Mady, Erin, Simone, Thorston and Ellen.
I was very impressed with the facilities and the professionalism of all the staff! You were all great.
This is the best dive centre to dive with in Dahab.

Good luck Vinnie with Instructors course!

Best wishes

The McInnes Familly.
Sinai Divers Archive
Hendrik and Nicole - Team Dahab Hilton
Hello everybody,

we would like to thank you again for your professionnal instruction and for your friendly staff!

We enjoyed our time in Dahab, we really had fantastic holiday.

A special thank you to Hendrick and Nicole, hope tou see you another time.

Best wishes

Kathrin and Urs

Sol & Cubi
Sinai Divers Archive
Tanja & Malte - The Oasis Dive Resort
The dream diving center:

professional attitude, friendly staff and excellent management. The place where serious diving and fun go together. Tanja, Malte: You are great instructors and really nice people.

We feel lucky to know you.

Sol & Cubi,
Madrid, Spain
Chris Garner
Sinai Divers Archive
Dugong, what a star that guy is!!!!!
Dear Friday and all at Sinai Divers

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU very much for all the effort and hard work that you all put in to enable me, Charlotte and Jake together with Ed, Simon and Josh to have such a fantastic time.

A huge thanks to Dugong, what a star that guy is!!!!!

It was really great to see you all again and I really hope we can get out and see you all soon.

Please keep me up to date with any electrocution incidents

Very best wishes to you all

and THANK YOU very much

Keep well and keep safe


Andy Merry
Sinai Divers Archive
Vinnie, Eid and Hendrik - Team Hilton Dahab
Hello all,

Thanks for a fantastic time, your patience and superb instruction.

It's easy to learn from such talented teachers. If Hendrick can teach me to be a Divemaster he can teach absolutely anyone and I would reccommend him to anyone thinking about taking this course. He made the course fun, interesting and at a pace that suited me - thanks. To everyone else at the centre, thank you for your humour and for listening to my crap jokes!!

Vinny, everyone else on this site seems to think the sun shines out the obvious, come on mate what have you been up to? Still all the nice girls love a sailor!

Once again thanks to everyone at Sinai Divers (including those crazy Egyptians) for a great time and a very profesionally run course.

Hope to see you all soon.

Andy Merry
Hattie Swale


i had a great time on my course in dahab, even with my nasty cold, sorry to anyone who now has the remnants of it!!!

i loved it there, especially hendrik an vinny were awesome instructors, but all the team are amazing! hi to carrie too!

anyways one day im definately coming back!

take care...

hattie x
Didier Disero
Didier Disero
Me on the boat with Andy,
Hattie and Vinnie in the back

Awesome time in Dahab. Tks to Henrick for his great teaching skills and to Vinnie (or Winnie :)) for his help.

Can't wait to be back in the water.

All the best to the whole Sinai Divers Dahab team.


Thank you all for great experience - Max & Svetlana
Hi everybody.

Thank you all for great experience, for opening underwater world, for company. Special thanks Richard why is an EXCELLENT FELLOW and INSTRUCTOR. Thanks Sveta, very good and open girl. Thank you all and best wishes.

Max and Svetlana.
Sinai Divers Archive
The new official sign for NUDIBRANCHE

hello everybody

thanks for the good time over there and don't ever forget the new official sign for NUDIBRANCHE

thanks stéphane
Giovanna Galli Righi
Sinai Divers Archive
Henrick: you have been a great teacher
Hi Henrick,

I am back in Munich and I still think of Dahab, it is snowing and there is no red sea... it is not fair!!!!
Thank you very much again for the wonderful time: you have been a great teacher and of course I do not forget Andy, as well!!!
My buddy, Ursula (!), and I will for sure come back again...
A big hug to all the team of the Hotel Hilton in Dahab!
You make a great job!!!

with love

With the captain "Capi" of Ghazala I
Hello from Spain!

We hope everything is fine there!.... We are already back in Madrid (welcome to the reality) and bit depressed....but looking for going back again!

We are really grateful to our guide EDU for the time he spent with us at Ghazala I: your briefings were fantastic and your company, more... you teach us many things and now, thanks to you, we are better divers and we love more the sea....

Thank to the crew of Ghazala I: Capi, Ahmed, Reda, Said, Kimo... your work is amazing and you are wonderful people; we had a great time with all of you guys!

We hope to see you very soon..... in sha'a Allah !!!! We can affirm this was the best trip we have done so far.

Many kisses and a big hug for all of you,

Paula and Nico.
Dahab - Red Sea

hi all my friend.

It was wonderful time in Dahab...
Craig Ovens
Sinai Divers Archive
Mark and Yussef - Team Na'ama Bay
Hi all,

Just a quick note to say thank you for making my holiday one to remember. I would like to thank all the staff in Na'ama Bay for all your help during my stay A big thank's to Mark, for his instruction and guidence during my time with him (sure you'll see a manta soon mate) and a spiecial thank's to Yussef for all his help with my gear.

Hope to see you all again soon,

Alex Scott
Sinai Divers Archive
Gianluca, Friday and Sveta - Team Na'ama Bay
Friday, Gianluca, Sveta,

Both Sophia and I would really like to thank you for making our first diving experience both memorable and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for the patience and expertise you showed in getting us both diving.

I'm really looking forward to my next diving experience and Sophia is talking about re-attempting the PADI OW course having got past her initial apprehension.

Thanks again for making our holiday, and diving, such fun.

Alex and Sophia
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