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Karen and Rene Vincent-Ernst
Sinai Divers Archive
Eid - brilliant guy and lots of fun
We had a fantastic experience with this dive centre. Eid was our guide for three dives - brilliant guy and lots of fun.

Rene qualified as an advanced diver and I did three dives towards my advanced course.

Well done guys - very professionally run outfit, very friendly - lots of fun.
A pleasure to deal with - we will be back to dive with you again.

many thanks

Karen and Rene
Chris & Mel
Sinai Divers Archive
The best instructor in the world - Hendrik

A massive thanks to all at Team Dahab - you guys are the best dive centre we have ever been with.

Thank you to Jeanette for a great check dive, and also to the best instructor in the world - Hendrik, who got Mel and I through the advanced course and nitrox with no stress at all (righty tighty, lefty loosey!)

Good luck to Greg who was doing his dive master, keep in touch ( and look us up in the UK anytime. Hope your exams were ok!

Already seeing if we can come back at Xmas!

Take care and safe diving!

Chris & Mel
Chris Dnlop
Sinai Divers Archive
Nieves and Gianluca - Team Na'ama Bay

Not long back in the UK and just a week since my last dive and I have to say that Sinai Divers must be one of the best, if not the best dive company out there in the world.

I had Nieves as a guide on 2 of my boat dives and Gianluca on the 3rd and I must say they are great, so relaxed about it yet not missing anything out.

Will be back next year to (hopefully) do my advanced open water.
Denise Varol
Hope you saw plenty of sharks.....I'm not jealous! Not one bit!

Just got back to the UK and missing dahab very much! I had a great time again thanks to everyone including Clive, Jeanette, Eid, Sam etc (everyone). Really enjoyed my time and I'm sure i'll pay another visit.
Thanks especially to Clive, Jeanette and Eid-I'll stay in touch. Hope you had a lovely time on liveaboard and that you saw plenty of sharks.....I'm not jealous! Not one bit!

Thanks again!
Naomi Gunders
Sinai Divers Archive
Emad - Equipment Counter - Team Na'ama Bay
I would like to repeat what I had said verbally after every dive, how very much I have enjoyed my dives with the Sinai Divers.

Special thanks to Jens, Holger, Ahmed, Nieves and Andy and special thanks to Emad for his exceptional and gentlemanly help.

I can only wish myself that I may come back to the Sinai Divers again soon.

Naomi in Australia
Torben Sandhøj
Sinai Divers Archive
Richard - Dive Master Ghazala Voyager

Hallo Sinai Divers,

I was on the LiveAboard Nord 28/6-2007 - 5/6-2007, On the Chazala Voyager. I just want to say thank you for one of the most amazing times of my life:-)

Amazing crew on the boad, and a really amazing Dive master (Richard) too.

I hope to join one of your LiveAboards in the near future again... Hopefully the Southern Rute next time, but I will have nothing against another Nothern Rute again:-)

Greetings from Denmark
Torben Sandhøj
Chris Bedborough
yes yes, on the last day at ras mohamed A 6m WHALESHARK !!!!!
thanx for the greatest trip ever!!! lots of great dives on the house reef, good sevice from the sinai-crew and this time of year lots and lots of big fish to see... for example on the boat, every day on the boat i saw dolphins, two times even white rhizzo dolpins(rare), the guides know exactly where to b on the reefs. so on ras mohammed there were large shoals to b seen of everything, also turtle,napoleon,big morrays,tuna,...
in tiran, three big grey reefsharks, two turtles and... yes yes, on the last day at ras mohamed A 6m WHALESHARK !!!!!
life is good!!!

c-you next year,

Kelly & G
Sinai Divers Archive
"London Lad" Eid
Hi Guys!

Thanks for another fab time diving -

your care, enthusiasm, patience and safety is second to
none and thats why we keep coming back for more!!

A special thanks to Karim and Rosa for great leadership
during our dives and also to "London Lad" Eid - we miss
you already!

Big hug to Erin and hope to see you in Blighty in November.

Have a good summer and get the kettle on in December...

we are coming back!!

Love G & Kelly xx
Tom S
Sinai Divers Archive
Andy is the perfect Divemaster

ANOTHER great trip.

Thanks so much for supporting our dive students from Kuwait.
Andy is the perfect Divemaster and Erin, Zalia, Eid and the rest
of the staff are attentive and VERY supportive. We totally enjoyed
our Dahab experience. We will definitely be back.

See you soon.

Susanne Amin
Sinai Divers Archive
MY Ghazala Voyager
We are back and VERY happy. ;-)

As expected the trip was fantastic, especially for me who hasnít dived the Red Sea much. It is clear we were traveling with very professional and experienced people, both the crew and the guides (Stefano and Reda). I saw so many creatures, both HUGE and small which were new to me. Wonderful.

Although this was my first liveaboard and I have nothing to compare with, Ghazala Voyager is definitely a great boat of high class and quality, extremely clean and tidy. I have nothing negative to say except that I feel so sorry for the kitchen crew having to work without air conditioning and even without a fan inside that hot and cramped space.

The rest of the guest were also very satisfied.

John hit his head one day (he is very tall) and received two stiches by the mechanic on board. He is fine and was diving again the next day, no problem at all.

Dana, thanks for all your help and professionalism and quick responses to emails. We hope to go to Daedalus/Zabargad/Rocky next time and would love to dive with you again. Iíll be back in Sharm end of July and will pop in and say hi.

Greetings to Christiane, Petra and Rolf.

Have a lovely summer, ;-)

Susanne and John
Gary Bendell
Freak weather warning!
Dahab 1 Sharm 0

Just a short note to say thanks to the team at Sinai Divers, Dahab.
I had a fantastic time diving with you guys despite Clive and Jeanette scaring off the dolphins!
The whole operation was professional yet informal and you make us holiday divers feel like we're part of the family whether we are diving for just a day or for the week - puts Sharm (for experienced divers only!!!!!) to shame - will definitely return.

Ashraf - the night dive at the Canyon was just an awsome experience, I would recommend it to everyone.

To all at Sinai, thanks again.
PS Freak weather warning for the Folkstone area (UK) torrential rain, gale force winds, snow, hail and -5 degrees for the months October through to December!!!!!
Alet Whitehead
Sinai Divers Archive
Sodwana Bay - South Africa
Thank you for the wonderful time we had with you guys.

It was great to have such a professional team supporting us. It really made the trip worthwhile.

It was great fun. When you ever want to come to South Africa please join us at Sodwana Bay
so that we can return the hospitality.

Have Fun!!
Sinai Divers Archive
Sinai Divers - Dahab - Hilton Resort
25 June to 27 June 2007

Thank to Sinia Divers Dahab making our diving holiday an
awesome unforgetable experience.

South Africa
Alli Brown
We saw Dolphins at the Canyon - Hee hee
I would like to express my gratitude to all those at Sinai Divers Dahab. I have now been back to Dahab 5 times and hope to return again in the future.
Thankyou to Zelia, Erin, Sam, Eid, Salah x 2, Selmi, Ashraf (Aaaaashraaaf), Claire and especially to Jeanette and Clive. You are all great people and an asset to Sinai Divers.
Did i mention that we saw Dolphins at the Canyon?? Hee hee.
Good luck to Greg with his DM training and to all those on the IDC. Maybe i'll give the IDC a go myself next time?
Best wishes to all of you and keep up the good work.
Love Alli xx

Suelyn Howe
Sinai Divers Archive
Sherif - Team Sinai Divers Dahab
Well what can i say....had an awesome time learning to dive with the team in DAHAB!!! Big up DAHAB! lol! Everyone was so friendly and i cant thank you enough, especially Sherif who had the unfortunate job of Instructing me not only on my PADI, but my advanced! (I hope you enjoyed your day off in the end!)

I will definately be returning for more diving in Dahab, ohh and a camel safari too!

Look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Love Suelyn.

Ps, Eid - i have spoken to some people in the UK regarding your idea, and they have suggested some ideas to get us started!

G Man
There are laods of photos more to see!
What on earth am i doing back in England, having just returned from the Hilton DaHab i have to say that i miss you already guys. You made our holiday exactly what a holiday should be so i would like to extend my, and Jo Jo's, personal thanks for showing us all such a great time. Azailia, Ashraf, Selmi and of course the rest of the staff at Sinai Divers, you all did a great job with a great big smile and always soooo professional.
there are laods of photos to see at please visit and feel free to leave a comment, miss you guys - maybe next year, who knows!!
Dominika Goroszeniuk
Sinai Divers Archive
I finally managed to get to the Blue Hole - Whoohoo!
Hey guys!

Didn't get to say goodbye to all of you when I abandoned ship last week, but I just wanted to say thanks very much for a great week diving! As usual you were all awesome and recommendations go out to all my dive buddies to get themselves to Sinai and to dive with you. Best of all... I finally managed to get to the Blue Hole - Whoohoo! Hopefully I'll get back out to you at some point in the next year :) Everyone's welcome to attempt the UK south coast..brrrr
LOL dom :) x
Ingrid van Lammeren
Sinai Divers Archive
Ashraf and Zeila (Azailia) - Team Dahab
Just got back from a great week in Dahab, I really enjoyed it. Loved the dives and all the nice people working at the divecentre.
Special thanks to Ashraf, who has been a great guide!Didn't really get the chance to say goodbye and thank you, so this is the opportunity to do so: thanks very much for everything, it was awesome! Also Azailia thanks!

Wish I was in Dahab right now....already miss it...

Inge Bouten
Sinai Divers Archive
Very friendly egyptian staff!
Gamal, Salah G, Eid, Mohamed, Salah I & Hussein.

We just finished a lovely week diving in Dahab.The diving school is very good. Good dive instructors.

Everything is well organised. Very friendly egyption staff who provide the additional equipment.

We have enjoyed every dive and we will absolutely return to Dahab with a stay in the Hilton and the diving centre next door it is the perfect holiday.
Rob Hood
Sinai Divers Archive
Hendrik and Rhett - Team Dahab
I've been back from Dahab for about a wek now and all my mates are sick of me going on and on and on about how cool it was. Particularly for me was my new skill/hobby i learnt through the expert guidance of Hendrik and Rhett. I came not really expecting much and left with my open water, advanced open water and nitrox certification all in 6 days. It wouldn't have been possible without Hendrik - he helped me when I needed help, pushed me when I needed pushing and made me laugh when I needed to laugh (usually at myself!). I'm looking forward to getting back there soon so I can do some more amazing dives with him and explore more of the brilliant Red Sea
leo taylor
Sinai Divers Archive
Zeila (Azailia) and Ashraf - Sinai Divers Dahab
hi guys, just a quick line to thank you for making our stay so great. special thanks must go to Ashraf, he was the perfect guide his true professionalism, diving ability, attention to detail during briefings, he always had time to talk if anyone had a problem and his sence of humour was very refreshing he is truely an asset to Sinai Divers.
He drove us here he drove us there, Selmi drove us everywhere and he cooking is not bad either, many thanks to him and all the other drivers who lifted, carried and always had a smile for everyone.
Azailia was always a sight for sore eyes in the morning, again she always welcomed everyone with a cheery uplifting smile and was truly profesional in sorting out the mountains of paperwork, it was wonderfull that we all had so much fun on the Beduin night seeing everyone soooooo chilled. you should all be very proud of yourselves as you are all doing a fantastic job.
Thank you once again and i really hope to return in the future.
All the very best
Leo Taylor (The Dive Monkey\'s)

Paul, Juliet and Bill
Sinai Divers Archive
Thanks! - Bill, Juliet and Paul

We all had a brilliant week at Sinai Divers!

The staff are excellent, the weather good, and the diving fab.

brak collins
Sinai Divers Archive
Mark - underwater cameraman

now taking my open water course in england ready for my return in september.V.nice people Mark is an excellent underwater cameraman and i now have the dvd to look back on forever,Tiger is an outstanding teacher calm, reassuring, patient and above all a great lad.

Jeff fm Cairo
Sinai Divers Archive
Sonja - she was AMAZING!!
My friends and I popped over to Sharm for a long weekend from Cairo, and enrolled in the Advanced Open Water and Nitrox courses. Our instructor, Sonja, was AMAZING!! Her attention to detail, warm personality, and intuitive teaching style allowed us all to easily absorb the volume of critical information we needed to complete the courses. Sonja alway reiterated the need to be conservative when diving and clearly communicated to us that safety was paramount. All other staff members we encountered from the fellows issuing gear to the nice ladies taking care of the billing and paperwork were all very professional and easy going. Sinai Divers has captured the rare blend of friendly hospitality coupled with a sincere attitude toward instruction and diving safety which will keep me coming back over and over. Professional staff, great equipment and earnest concern for customer satisfaction....Your staff, especially Sonja, are the BEST!!!
Sinai Divers Archive
Ahmed Helal - Team Sharm el Sheikh
Hello Team Sharm El-Sheikh,

on my last day I had no time to say thank you and goodbye to everybody. So I send my greatings now from wet cold Germany. Thank you for two great weeks of diving with my special instructor Ahmed H. and all the others like Dominic, Manuela, Mitch, Doris, Jens, Nevis, Martin... See you again in September, inshaa alah.
Nicola FitzGibbon
Sinai Divers Archive
Instructot Josh - Team Sharm el Sheikh
Dear all,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the time my sister, my brother, my aunt and I spent diving with you at Sharm el Sheikh. Being Jackie's and my first time diving, we had a few apprehensions, but I can honestly say it was one of the most amazing experiences and particular thanks to Josh for ensuring it all went smoothly and enjoyably!!

We're planning another trip to Sharm next April, and having been bitten by the bug, we will definitely be back to complete the Open Diver course!!

Thanks again.

Nicola, Jackie, Anne & Johnny
Robert Green
Dive on the Thistlegorm
Dear Friends I would to thank you for such a wonder diving your guides were very very good guides like Ahmed Helel, Dominic Staufer the dive on Thistlegorm will stay with me to the end you staff at the office were very good and last of all with out these guys we would not be able to dive those captains of you boats were out of this world thay are a credit to you team hope to see you again in the near future regards Robert from Yorshire England
Jacob Tangey
Sinai Divers Archive
Vivienne - Manager Backpackers Dahab
Hi Viv,
this is my thankyou (finally) for all the wonderfull dives under your tutelage to become a divemaster.You professionalism, patience and skill that you have passed on have not been put to the test yet, a bit dry in the Alps. Thank everyone else for me, Andy, Salaka, Emesha, Bart and those I know still in Dahab. So thank you again, here is to seeing you sooner and getting wet in the Red Sea again.
Cheers Jacob
Congrats Janet, Simone and Clive - IDC that is.
Neil Evans
Sinai Divers Archive
Jeanette - Team Dahab

Hi Folks,

A belated "thank you" to all the staff at Dahab for looking after us so well.

Cheers to all the back room staff and drivers (a bit more sugar in the tea
please Salme),

to Sam for her rendition of the song "3 in the bed",

to Ali (for taking care of tiffin) and to the guides Jeanette, Ashraf, and Andy.

Of course, there is always one who has to spoil it for everyone and Clive did his level best to ruin my holiday.

Jeanette, you deserve a medal.

Blubblublub xxx
Mel Kilbey
Sinai Divers Archive
Josh - Team Sharm el Sheikh
My Brother and I have just returned from Sharm.

We would both like to say thanks to Josh for an absolutely amazing couple of days diving. I was fairly nervous at first but Josh made it great fun and extremely memorable.

We will definitely be back next summer.

Mel & Martin
Matt Docwra
Sinai Divers Archive
My instructors Christian and Mitch
Hello Christiane,

I would appreciate it if you could pass my thanks on to my instructors Mitch and Christian who were both great guys, very professional and made the course very enjoyable. Also please pass my thanks on to Gaby and the rest of the team at the Conrad for their help during my stay.

I initially decided to learn to dive for fun while on holidays but have become completely hooked and have now joined a diving club here in the UK. I am working on my Advanced Open Water Course but have still yet to do my first dive in the cold water of the English Channel!

My family and I are already planning to return to Sharm next year and I will definitely want to dive with yourselves again. Hopefully I can persuade my wife to take the plunge as well!

Many thanks once again,

Matt Docwra
Faye & Vicki
Sinai Divers Archive
Clive was fantastic!
Have just come back from the most relaxing holiday in Dahab.
The highlight was undoubtedly the diving. Having not dived for a long time we were quite deskilled, but Clive was fantastic. He was so patient and had such a chilled attitude that we enjoyed every minute and didn't worry about a thing. We enjoyed the Canyon and the Blue Hole and the Islands site is also well worth a visit.

Thanks so much to everyone at Sinai Divers in Dahab, especially Clive and Jeanette - can't wait to see you again soon!!
Emily and Rox
Next time he will ;-)
Thanks for a great week of diving in Dahab.

We spent a day with Janette and a day with Sheriff - both were brilliant dive guides. They relaxed, freindly, knowledgeable, helpful etc. - couldn't fault them at all.

We then spent 3 days with Ash. He was also relaxed, freindly, knowledgeable, helpful etc but also had an amazing amount of enthusiasn for everything. No idea how he managed to have so much energy - by the end of 3 days including the camel safari followed by a day on the boat and a night dive we were exhausted. A really fantastic guide! Thanks for making our holiday so much fun (even though you didn't find us any turtles, sharks or dolphins!)

The camel safari was an amazing day out. I really would recommend it to everyone for an unforgettable day.
Jeremy D
Sinai Divers Archive
Ashraf - a great guide!
I have just returned from diving with Sinai Divers in Dahab and want to say thank you to everyone for a fantastic holliday. It was only a week but everything was superb.

I want to say a special thank you to Ashraf, a great great guide who pulls out no stops to make everyone enjoy themselves and also to Andy for the wonderful dives and great breifings. Also a big thank you to Erin who even though with her busy schedule was always there to assist us with anything that we needed, and made myself and my family feel very welcome and like old friends.

I can highly recomend this diving operation. See you all in the summer.
José Manuel Vázquez Parlón - UNIVERSO AZUL
Sinai Divers Archive
Don - Instructor MY GHAZALA I
Hi everyone !!

I dived with my friends of Universo Azul from Huelva (Andalousia, Spain) in April´07. Don, do you remember how many botellas de cállate you sent to Lara?. I would like to thank - from the bottom of my heart -all crew members from GHAZALLA I and our guides, Sylvia and Don - I improved a lot due to your professionalism. You all got I had a very nice holiday. The sites were fantastic and amusing to dive and the life on board was very pleasant - in fact I truly felt like home. I had never seen the underwater world you showed me so kindly. I wish you all the best. Kindest regards from HUELVA and your friends from UNIVERSO AZUL.
Sinai Divers Archive
Impossible to get out for a beer ... Nigel - Team Backpackers
Hello guys at sinai divers dahab backpackers,

thanks for making my holiday what it was.. viv you installed alot of confidence in me and i think from that i am more comfortable underwater all the guys there where alot of fun even if nigel is almost impossible to get out for a beer ... cant wait to come back and do some more diving with you
thanks once again guys for everything hope to be back and do the dives i missed out ...

Karl Mallalieu
Sinai Divers Archive
Joshua - Team Sharm el Sheikh - Na'ama Bay

Thanks to Josh for taking me through my PPB at Sinai Divers, in Ghazala Sharm.

A week was not long enough in this truly amazing place.

I'll be back for more soon enough.

All the best.
Simon Osmond
Sinai Divers Archive
Simone - Team Dahab
Hi Guys,
Just returned to a surprisingly sunny UK!
I wanted to let you all know what a fantastic holiday we all had in Dahab. Thanks to Simone who was fantasticly efficient in getting us sorted out.
A massive shout to both Clive and Jeanette who made the diving an unforgettable experience for both myself and Troy, thanks guys for your patience when it came to us photographing and videoing anything and everything that moved. Clive, thanks for your photographic tips that you passed onto Troy we have just been looking at his photos and they are the things that memories are made of.
We had such an excellent holiday we are planning to come back and see you all again in August!!!!

Thanks Guys

Simon, Michelle and Troy
Denise Varol
Sinai Divers Archive
Clive and Jeanette - Team Dahab
Had a great week in Dahab

thanks to all the staff- especially to Clive (and Jeanette of course).
Thanks very much, I had such a good time and I should be coming
back in the summer!
If you read this Clive please email me because was wanting to get
diving again in the summer to do my advanced.

Thanks again.

Richard Edwards
Sinai Divers Archive
Ashraf, Simone and Hendrik - Sinai Divers Dahab
To all at Sinai Divers - Hilton Resort Hotel Dahab.

my sincere thanks for a very pleasurable and enlightening stay at The Hilton earlier this
month. I would especially like to thank Hendrik, Ashraf and Simone for their personal
attention to detail and patience and more importantly the level of competence and
professionalism applied to the diving experience in The Red Sea. You have made me very welcome
and ensured that my Egyptian holiday will be remembered for a very long time. I will be back

!Thank you very much

Richard Edwards
The Quality Tiling Co Ltd.
Andrey & Liudmila
Andy and Andrey from Russia
Dear Andy, Simona, Rick, Janette, Ashraf and all Dahab Team!

Thanks for a great time diving at the Red Sea to everybody working there, especially all the dive guides we've met.
Thank you all for being so professional, friendly and well organized. We hope to see you again.
Sending some photos for you.

Andrey & Liudmila
"...From Russia with love..."
Sinai Divers Archive
Rosa - Team Dahab
Dear All,

Thanks to all at Sinai Divers in Dahab for your efficiency and warmth in welcoming me for the week.

Enormous thanks to both Rosa and Ashraf for some wonderful diving during my stay and for putting up with me as a buddy when no one else wanted to come out for a full days diving!

Take care.
Love, Lucy x

Sinai Divers Archive
Dean - The Rock Star!
I had a wonderful vacation in Sinai - thanks to Jeanette & Ashraf in Dahab and Dean & Paula in Sharm.

Jeanette, your warm, friendly personality is refreshing. You make a wonderful instructor!
Ashraf, it was fun, wet times diving with you!
Dean, you rockstar! Thanks for being my personal photographer when I was too scared inside the wreck. Just for the record, I do NOT snore! Thanks for organizing the dolphins two days in a row. :-)
Paula, thanks for being a great dive buddy. Good luck with Sinai Divers. You're an awesome instructor and will be a great addition to the team. Hope you dive Thistlegorm soon.

I plan to come back for more diving!

Charles Lemmon
Sinai Divers Archive
Sinai Divers Dahab Team
Just a quick note to say thanks for making my wife and I's stay in Dahab so enjoyable. I have been diving throughout the Red Sea and quite a number of other places in the world but found Sinai Divers in Dahab to be the friendliest and most professional so far. Special thanks to Ashraf who, with a little more care in his briefings - including words like "fun" and "wet" - he will go far. Seriously his knowledge and enthusiasm was superb and made each dive special. Also thanks and best of luck with the instructing to Clive and Jeanette - its a shame we didn't meet earlier in the week - Tricia may have ended up taking an open water course. In any event you are both excellent ambassadors for the centre.

Thanks again and see you soon
Sinai Divers Archive
Vivienne - Sinai Divers Backpackers
Well I just wanted to say a big thank you to Vivian and the team at the Sinai Divers Backpackers in Dahab. My first dive didn't go the best but with Vivian's patience everything turned out great. It was a fantastic place to do my Open Water course and I enjoyed it so much I stayed and did my Advanced. Nigel was my instructor for that and he was a good laugh and I enjoyed the amazing coral and shoals of fish as we dived. I would recommend people go with the Backpackers because they are all relaxed and very friendly. You just tell them what you want to do and they sort it for you. Easy. Thanks again it was an awesome experience!
Anthony Fieldar
Sinai Divers Archive
Rosa & Andy - Team Dahab
Dear All,

Thank you all at Sinai Divers in Dahab for making my holiday such a fun, challenging and learning experience. Particular thanks to Andy and Rosa for making the diving such fun and giving confidence after a long pause from diving, to Yassar for professionalism during the eventful night dive and to Hendrik for the deep diving experiences. I shall definitely try to come diving again in a few months time to complete my advanced course and to see the Red Sea without the algal bloom.

Best wishes,

Craig Taylor
Burkhard Ohlendorf
The management of Sinai Divers many, many years ago: Rolf, Petra and crazy Irishman Denis
Just a quick note to thank all the staff at the Sharm centre who went out of there way to make our recent diving trip most memorable. Since my last visit in 1994 Sharm has changed beyond recognition so it was great to come back and find the dive centre pretty much as I remember it 13 years ago and although the staff may have changed, the warm welcome and professionalism of you all has remained the same.
Keep up the good work.... we are looking forward to returning in 2008.
Best Wishes
Craig and Karl Taylor
Somerset, UK
Alli Brown
Sinai Divers Archive
Jeanette and Clive - last DM's test
Hi again to the team at Sinai Divers Dahab.
This is the 4th time i've dived with the team at the Hilton and i would just like to thank you all again for making me feel so welcome. Every time i return it's like coming home!
Good luck to all those taking their IDC and IE, especially Jeanette, Clive and Simone. I have no doubt that your transition from DM's to Instructors will be painless! Apart from the celebration hangovers of course!!
Roll on my 5th trip out in June - It really can't come quick enough.
Thanks again to you all.
Take care,
Love Alli xx
Daniel Moström
Sinai Divers Archive
I just love her sweet and somewhat sarcastic humor

Hello in Sharm !

Wow ! Comming down from icy Sweden to dive the wonderful waters of Sharm was something really extra. I am so glad I met you people at Sinai Divers coz you made it so worthwhile. Keen on safety and fun - which is a good combination.

I am especially grateful to Alex who really made an effort on our boat trip. I just love her sweet and somewhat sarcastic humor. I saw all the fish I wanted to see except sharks which I'll have to come back for. We did an easy wreck dive and some quick hole / cave dives. It was really really good. What also impressed me was the professionalism which was without exception.
Sinai Divers Archive
Is Chris still there?
Hi, I was just wondering if Chris is still there?
You probably won't remember me but I was quicker at my maths on my deep water dive UNDER the water! And we had some fun in rough weather....And I got a star on my Advanced Padi (fish ID) Anyway, I found this rather dashing photo and thought I should send it, however I cant work out how to attach it!

Lots of love to you all, I'm always dreaming of being under water at Dahab.

Carolyn x x x
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