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Sinai Divers Archive
Victoria - Team Na'ama Bay

Back a week from a wonderful holiday in Sharm - cold and snowy here in UK!!!!

Just want to say a huge thank you to Victoria for the fantastic day diving 30th Jan. Never done it before and now been seriously bitten by the bug. Great teaching and made the day very special.

Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks again.
Hazem Abdelmalek
Hazem Abdelmalek
We had an amazing time at Dahab
just wanted to say thank you to Viv for an amazing time at Dahab, even though the weather wasnt perfect, our unfinished AOW course was really enjoyable!

Jacob thanks for everything, goodluck on your final check dive test :)

we'll see you guys at backpackers sooner than you know! we have a night dive to finish! :)

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Viola & Vivienne
Hallo Leute,
jetzt habe ich mir gedacht, ich verfasse endlich mal einen Eintrag, wie ich es Vivienne versprochen hatte. Es war eine supertolle Zeit bei euch in Dahab. Habe meine Ausbildung (AOWD) genossen, die Tauchgänge waren herrlich, der "Unterricht" mit Viola war auch sehr toll. Ich danke dem ganzen Team für die schönen Tage und ich komme auf jeden Fall zu euch zurück.
I loved Dahab and I enjoyed a great adventure with "Sinai Divers" beside my AOWD-course. Great team, good lessons and much fun!
thanks krisztian
Kim Bramley
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Hendrik - Team Dahab
Just to say a BIG THANK-YOU to you all at Dahab Sinai Divers. David and I have had a really great time learning how to dive with you. You run a very well organised school and we are now totally hooked on diving. What a beautiful place to learn.Thanks especially to our two great teachers- Danny and Hendrik.

We will be recommending you.

All the best from a cold and wet Scotland,

Kim & David
Sid Burch
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Gaby and Ibrahim - Team Sinai Divers Conrad Resort
Thanks to all at Conrad. Especially Ibrahim for making my wife's (Marie) holiday. See you in March
Sinai Divers Archive
Alex - Team Sharm el Sheikh
Just wanna say a big thanks to the team at sinai, particularly Alex who took me out on 2 dives last week.

Certainly the highlight of my holiday, just a shame couldnt do the boat dive.

Alex, if you send your e mail address, i will forward the photo.

Thanks again all, great div, great place, great holiday.
Simon Stockwell
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Richard - Team Sharm el Sheikh
Hi Richard,

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to say many thanks for a fantastic week\'s diving. Having started off on the first day struggling to sink beneath the surface, to ending up effortlessly gliding along the bottom at neutral buoyancy as an Open Water Diver was a testament to your excellent skills as an instructor! You are a credit to Sinai Divers and I wish you and your colleagues all the best. Please pass on my regards to Sveta and everyone else at the dive centre who made the week so memorable. The place has a great atmosphere.


Bernhard Karl
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TOM and his really GREAT TEAM!!
Dear Team and Diving Lovers !

I can deeply recommand THIS wonderful
perfect organised diving school in Dahab.
I was here for the second time during the
christmas weeks, and its a hardly to top
place! Guided by very heardful and
individuel very interesting instructors,
recepted by a multilingual, extremly
friendly crew on the desk, and last but
not least, surrounded of very different,
breathtaking dive sites (I highly
recommand the boat dives!), I go home
completly satisfied. I dived at several
places around the world and would ever
consider to come back to THIS place....
THANKS to TOM and his really GREAT TEAM !!

Till Soon,

Nick Cotterrell
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Hendrik Martens
Returned from holiday on the 17th December having visited Egypt for the first time and also achieved a life long ambition to scuba dive on coral reefs.
The Sinai Divers team at Dahab were great and nothing was ever too much trouble. The facilities and quality of equipment was also very good. Even though I had no previous experiences to compare to, I felt I was working with true professionals who prided themselves on the care and safety of their clients.
My biggest praise must go to Hendrik Martens. It took me a while to acclimatise to being underwater made worse as I arrived on holiday tired, stressed and run down after 18 months of niggling illnesses. This guy got me through my difficulties and I returned home an Open Water Diver. If you ever get the chance to have Hendrik as your instructor - take it Ė he is a top man.
Since returning home all I can think about is planning my next diving experience.

Tom Matheu
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Gian Luca - Team Sharm el Sheikh
Hello Sinai Divers.

Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that we loved our experience diving Sharm with you guys.
Myself, Brad Wall and Zach Toback all had a great time and are looking forward to our next trip already!
In particular, your Dive Instructor Gian Luca was great. He certified Zach and guided Brad and I through some of our advanced diver excercises.

He made it all allot of fun and was a real expert!

thanks again!

Tom Matheu

Alli Brown
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Eid and Simone
Hi to everyone at Sinai Divers Dahab.
Well after only a few hours back in rain sodden Dover, im itching to get back out again. Only 11 weeks to go and counting.
Thanks again to everyone i dived with and to my very special friends, Clive and Jeanette, for putting me up for the week or should that be putting up with me for the week. Thanks to Simone and Eid, Nichole, Kiara, salah, Mardhi and everyone else for just being bloody good people. Good luck to the lads, Mark and jeff, with the DM training, you really couldn't be in better hands. I hope Lynn finally takes the plunge Mark, she won't regret it.
right, just off to put the central heating on.
Take care and see you all again soon.
Love Alli xx
james gaston
hi everyone at the dive center, it was awesome what more can i say?

it was one of the best experiances of my life, both the highs and lows have changed me for ever. it may have only been six weeks but i know what i want for a career, justv need to find somewhere in scotland (chilly)

missing you guys

couple of points,

1 tell simon to shave that fluff off his chin looks dumb,

2 for gods sake will someone help bert, everytime a female takes interest its like he doesn't even see her, its sad


3 keep smiling hope to see you all soon

Christa and Peter
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Our diveguide Andy
We, two divers from Germany stayed here for one week and enjoyed the diving with Sinai Divers very much! It was great fun with our diveguide Andy and the rest of our dive group. Dahab is very relaxing and we will come back (hopefully) soon.

Many thanks to Andy and the dive center crew for the good service.

Christa and Peter
Marielle van der Spank
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Viv and Abdallah

A week ago i had to leave Dahab and i was very unhappy! I wish i was still there enjoying the nice and relaxed atmosphere, the weather and above all the diving.
I had such a great time and i wanne thank Viv, Sarah and Chris for the great dives that i have done over there!

I'll definately come back!

x Marielle
Melanie Thomann
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Victoria - Team Na'ama Bay
To Victoria!

Just want to say thank you very much!We (Marc,Aline and Melanie) really enjoyed diving with you!

You are doing your job very good!

Keep well and many greetings

Melanie, Marc and Aline

The McDonnell family
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Our Instructor Hendrik
Hi everyone,
We just want to say a VERY big thank you to everyone at Sinai divers at the Hilton Dahab for the most amzing two weeks of diving. We arrived, myself Jo, husband Ian and our 10yr old son Michael had never dived before, (although many years ago ian did start the BSAC course), and left two week later as qualified National Goegraphic open water, enriched air divers ( Michael as yet is too young to complete the nitorx course). We couldn't have asked for a better instructer than Hendrirck. He instilled so much confidence in us that i even did a night dive which was just fantastic. Thanks also to Aluin who did the best video of one of our dives, what memories. As a family we are totally hooked, and are saving hard to come out again to Dahab next year, the leave is already booked!! Thanks again for a truely amazing holiday. Jo Ian and Michael xxxxx
Ian & Julia Blackwell
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Hendrik and Johan - Dahab Team
A big hello and thank you to Sinai Divers at the Dahab Hilton,

Julia and I would like to say thanks to the whole team,

especially Hendrik, Johann and Nemo for opening up a
whole new world for us.

See you all next year!
Laurence en Elle
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Orsi and Tim. Our great guides!!
Hey guys,

Just a week ago we said goodbye and a lot of thanks, we say it to Camille, but not to everyone.
So, everybody, thank you so much for te great time we have with you!!
And a special greet to Orsi and Tim. Our great guides!!
We don't know when we come back, but one thing is for sure, we'll come back to sharm el sheikh!!!
Out of Holland (where it's cold en raining), lot's of greetings

Laurence en Elle

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Nieves, Sonja y Vanessa
Muy buenas a todo el mundo.

Soy Eduard Espinel Navarro de España ( BCN) que estuve hace dos semanas haciendo muchos cursos... jejejeje.
Solo queria daros enormemente las gracias por vuestros servicios y en especial a las dos mujeres con mas paciencia de Sinai divers... Sonja , Vanesa y Nieves. Tambien darle las gracias a Viernes que al final le pude sacar la camiseta de staff.... jejeje.

Sonja, de verdad muchas gracias otra vez por tu paciencia y por los conocimientos que muy bien supiste trasladarme. De verdad que me ha gustado mucho esto del submarinismo, ya he hecho unas cuantas inmersiones aqui en España, ya tengo todo el equipo, y mañana empiezo otras vacaciones que prometen mucho, dive dive dive dive and dive. Dank u zeer, het zal zich altijd aan u herinneren. Als u aan Spanje komt dat niet aan me te weten komt geen die u aan me waarschuwt. jejejejeje.

Vanessa merci per tot i no saps el que t\'envejo, la sort que tens i despres de tot el que puc ser aqui a bcn o he pogut ser o sere, no te comparacio amb el sou vosaltres tots plegats. Es una gran sort la que tens i espero que ho sapigues disfrutar tota la vida. Sou collonuts.

Este agosto no puedo volver por que no hay nadie que me acompañe , pero antes de navidades estoy alli fijo.... no tiene nada que ver el fondo marino de aqui con el de Sharm el Sheik.

Bueno tambien deciros que la profesionalidad de los centros de buceo de españa no tiene nada que ver, ma habeis acostumbrado muy bien.... jejejeje Nadie es como vosotros. Sois los mejores y lo sois por que os gusta vuestro trabajo.

Me ha gustado mucho conoceros y tengo una vision de la vida totalmente diferente....

Seguid asi y no cambiar nunca.

Recuerdos para todos los monitores( Regi,Mark,Nieves, Wendy,Orsi, como no, Sonja...... y mas que no me acuerdo)


Eduard Espinel
Bart's awesome "air rings"
"The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish."
Jacques Cousteau

Thank you guys for helping me do just that! It has been an amazing experience which I will no doubt repeat many times! Special thanks to Bart (the greatest instructor ever), who makes everything always seem so easy, will always point out the tiniest and best camuflaged fish which you would never have spotted on your own, and makes awesome "air rings"...
Thanks also to Simon, the greatest buddy, who will always carry your stuff for you if you're nice to him! (He does have a tendency to get lost though!) ;)
Oh, and thanks for the video Alain! Between all of you these holidays have been memorable... hopefully I'll be able to come back next year... inshallah...

Take care,
Eleanor Bezzina
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Sylvia - Instructor on MY Ghazala I
Dear Dana,

we would like to say a big thank you to Sylvia and all the crew on the Ghazala I safari boat trip.

We had a wonderful time on board and enjoyed the dives in the Red Sea. :-)

Many thanks & best regards

Eleanor, Sonia and Tamsin from Malta

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Me and Erin
Hey everyone at the Hilton and Backpackers....

Well, im back home in Oz and one of the important things in mylife at the moment is missing......

I miss you all at the dive, equipment boys, counter, the instructors, divemasters and the DMT's and DGP's, the drivers too and the crew on the Ghazala.

You dont really appreciate what you really have until its gone. I loved living in Dahab, the weather, the people, the nights and days too. The amazing diving (coming from such an experienced AOW/nitrox diver!!)...
I had such a great experience working with the team at Sinai Divers and will ba back to Dahab in September if all goes to plan... So take care everyone...miss you all so much and see you very soon....

thanks to Erin for all your help, Hendrik and Viv for my nitrox/AOW, Cris and Bert too......


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The Sinai Divers Dahab team
hi guys,

just like to say thanks for such a great two months and i'd like to say a special thank you to Hendrik for the training and also to Eid for showing me around and also to everyone else behind the counter and all the other instructors/guides and also all the drivers and everyone who works there that i had the pleasure of meeting, cant wait to get back now and get on with some more great diving so i'm counting down the days till i arrive.

I hope all is well and you are all busy and i will see you september.

good luck.

kenny (the snorkel test expert! 5/5)

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Our IDC group in June 2006
Many thanks to the guys in Dahab for their help in getting us through our IDC and IE.

Best wishes especially to Nancy, Johan, Roberto and Katherine, you guys are great. Look forward to meeting you all again sometime, hopefully in the not too distance future. Maybe next year.

All the best, Bryan.
Greg Sayle
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Ahmed Sudani - Captain Ghazala VI
Well the dream had to come to an end sometime the last 6 weeks has been amazing, but it has passed as if I was only here for 6 days. I would like to thank Hendrik for helping me get through the Dive Master course although at times I thought he has being to hard with skills but I know them well and I belive I would pass the instructor course thank to the time he took to show us the GERMAN standard and not just the PADI standard. I also have to say thank you to Ahmed Sudani and the crew of the Ghazala VI for so many amazing days great food and great dive sites.
One fond memory I will have is helpping Bert remove a net off the coral at my mapping project dive site (Gabr El Bint North) it was such a peacfull dive.
I also need to thank Ashraf for a perfct end to my diving this time in Dahab a perceft trip out on the Ghazala VI. I will have to return here to Dahab and bring my family so they can see that Dahab is such a perfect place to come and dive.
I made some good friends while here everyone at Sinai divers made me feel welcome and made my time so good hope to see you all soon if my snorkel test dose not kill me that is!!!!!
"Dont let your fears stand in the way of your dreams" this is how we should live NO FEAR said it perfectly.
Thomas Reich,
Hanging with a turtle for 10 mins....
Thanks again for another great time. Beers and rampant cats in the mountains ...cheers Eid! - hanging with a Turtle for 10 mins at the Lighthouse and ever friendly staff. Hope you are feeling better Susannah and thanks for the great night dive Pascale, and also to Hendrick for trying to become a girl at the Coral Garden to empathize with his divers ?! - and Cris please say a little prayer for my fin - RIP - he he he!

Cheers and see you all again soon

Matt Peacock
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Hendrik - Dahab Team
hi guys i hope every one is ok? wow wot can i say if ur after a great time in or even out the water than this is the place to come, i was hear doing my dive masters course, an exelent course for those looking to start in the professional world, or even if u are looking to expand ur diver knowlage, i will never forget it or the staff.

right then i wanna say hi to hendrik (i sent u an e-mail) johan, eid, sallah, selme, the hell withit i love u all,

i will never forget my time there, just like i will never forget the underwater kit exchange, or the snorkal test, now as a marine for 9 years i have done some pretty cool things but these come near the top,not only was it the activitys i was doing but the people who i was doing them with. i will be smiling for some time to come,

any way im gonna love ya and leave ya for now, and for the equiptment boys "ikkras ygabby" and the rest of you chow for now (in a loud way) x x x x x x x x x

Jesús Herranz
Thomas Reich,



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Energetic Cris
Dear Team,

I feel like I have just left home.....after another fantastic holiday in beautiful Dahab.

One again the Dahab Team surpassed themselves in providing the safest, freindliest and most professional diving team there is! I always feel in safe hands with you guys and you always provide a wonderful welcome when we walk through the doors!

A big thanks to the energetic Cris who provided us with some extreme diving....I hope my fins are safe and well in Saudi!! His enthusiasm is boundless!! Also thanks to Barbie...who gives the best briefings ever! And to Eid for the best laughs!! Thanks to Erin for your help and advice and the rest of the team who make the whole Dahab diving experience so unique!!

Cant wait to see you soon.

Love Giovanna xxx
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Samy - Dahab Team
We have just got back from a two week vacation at the Hilton Dahab where we were diving with Sinai Divers. This is the fourth time we have dived with the team there and they are brilliant! Many thanks go out to Erin, Cris, Barby, Samy, and Eid to name just a few who worked hard for us to have a good time. The team are always very friendly and the diving is very professionally run and safe with good dive briefings before each dive. We cant wait to some back and see you all again, soon.
Best regards, Kelly
Alli Brown
Sinai Divers Archiv
Special thanks to Eid
Eid, a special thanks to you for evenings of beer and shesha and looking after us at Sinai Dahab.

We will do your check dive for you in November matey.

Take care,

Alli xxx
Alli Brown
Get your drinking hats on
Well guys i have been back in the UK for two weeks now and missing you all. I had a fantastic time there at Dahab with Jeanette and Clive. Good luck to the guys at Sinai Divers Dahab Simone, Kenny and all the other trainee DMs and good luck to Kenny with your IDC. I hope Baz had a cracking snorkel test. Thanks to Bert, Cris, Barbie, Johan and Ashraf for being great guides and Nichole and Erin for introducing us to another lovely restaurant.
I have already booked leave to come back out in November and also February next year for my 40th so get your drinking hats on because you are all invited.
Thanks again and take care, see you all soon.
Alli xxxxxx
Tony Delve
Sinai Divers Archiv
Johan - an inspirational instructor
Hi Guys!
Well, finally got a bit of time to get in touch and thank you for all your help during my divemaster training. Special thanks to Johan, such an inpirational instructor, I always had complete confidence in him and learned so much in a relaxing and friendly environment.

I was also made welcome at his home and treated to a meal with his lovely family (does Bart get included as family?!) Thanks also to Eid, a great friend who took me under his wing and showed me the bright lights of Dahab! Hi to my mates in the centre, Michaela, Sameh, Salah, Hussam, Simona, Barbie, Hendrick, Chris, Bart, Peter, Andy and a special thank you to me Aussie mate Erin (Thanks for chasing up my paperwork!)

I was so glad to hear that everyone was ok after the horrific and cowardly attack. Dahab is such a beautiful and friendly place. Please dont let the zealots of this world deter you from visiting such a fantastic place with such wonderful people. I would recommend Sinai Divers Dahab to anyone, no matter what level of experience or ability. The Instructors and guides are very experienced and professional.

All the staff are very friendly and go that extra mile to make sure that your time with them is unforgettable. Hope to visit you all toward the end of the summer, and to introduce my gorgeous fiance Nicki to all my friends in Sinai Divers Dahab. Love to you all, see you soon!
Sinai Divers Archiv
The Sinai Divers Dahab Team
Hi everyone at Sinai Divers Hilton resort.

Well Im back in the UK now but wish I was still out there with you guys.
I have had a great time whilst i have been out in Dahab and I would reccomend Sinai Divers at the Hilton to every single diver there is, if every dive center is like Sinai Divers then I want to visit every last one of them.

I will miss all of you guys and the customers as well. I hope that I bump into Clive, Jannette and Alison again, had a great laugh with you guys.

Eid you have got my e-mail address so share it with the rest and stay in touch man. (look after Simone)


Once I sort out my pictures I will send them to you guys.

Nicole and Erin keep up the Aussie accent and get that dammed bird out of the office. can you still hear it?????

I will definately be coming back to Dahab and Sinai Divers again so hopefully I will see you all again.

If you remember anything else about my snorkel test then let me know...... still cant remember a thing.

I love you guys.
Fam. Adriaens
Sinai Divers Archiv
Miriam - Sinai Divers Team Na´ama Bay

Hello sinai divers,

We wan`t to say hello to our daughter/sister Miriam.

And we had a great time spending our holliday in Sharm el Sheik.

We will be back soon!

Greetings to you all

Fam. Adriaens from the Netherlands.
Clive & Jeanette
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Erin, having everything under control
Hi all
Another great holiday in Dahab made even better by all the staff at Sinai Divers Hilton Dahab
Thank you to Erin Nicole Johan and Suzzanah and a big thanks to the scmuck Eid
Cheers to everyone who made it such a great time
See you in October , we will send our CV to you Rolf very soon, tee he he!!!
Clive and Jeanette
Andy Hall
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Ehab and Helene - Sinai Divers Taba
Just a quick note to thank Ehab, Helena, Essam and Bassm for fantastic diving experiences from their dive centre on the beach at the Holiday Inn, Taba in April 2006.

Thanks too to Helena for making Alexís 13th birthday so special when he achieved Junior Adventure Diver certification following Deep, Night and Fish Identification adventure dives.

We enjoyed 4 days of diving during the fortnight and recommend booking in advance by email as we did which gives a significant saving on local prices and the sales tax. Excellent house reef and also great dive sites by jeep.

If you want a friendly dive centre with new and decent kit and staff who tailor the dives to ensure you get the best out of them whatever your level of ability then this is the place for you.

Canít wait to get back.

Andy and Alex Hall
Martin and Silvia
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Miriam, Camilla and Sandra, the counter staff
To everyone at sinai divers, sharm-el-sheikh thanks for a great time.

Especially thanks to Tony for being so friendly , Mark for being a great teacher, and Tim for ...err....just being Tim !!

Thanks to all the staff (girls behind the counter for being very helpful ...and the staff renting the equipment....especially the little mexicanito YUS...and Lisa for the great Video...By the way...Martin was sooooooooooo happy when I told him I got him the video)....

We hope to see you all again.
A. Minick Rushton
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Ahmed, captain of Ghazala VI and his crew
I just returned from a week of diving with your company in Dahab. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work done by Chris (J. C. Brun) and the captain and crew of the Gazala VI. Chris guided me for the week and in all respects did an excellent job.

I went diving from the Gazala VI on April 6. I expected them to be competent and professional. What I found was a captain and crew who also did everything possible to make my diving safe and enjoyable. I don´t think it was possible to do a better job than they did that day.

Martin Richardson
Sinai Divers Archiv
Helene and Ehab, Sinai Divers Taba

hello petra,

i would like to ask you to pass on my thanks to
Helene & Ehab (i think thats how you spell it),
for the great time i had at the Holiday Inn,
Taba doing my scuba diving course, helene
was a great instructor and she must be good
if she can get my partner to have a try in the
pool, i am planning to do the rest of the open
water course back here in the UK very soon.

Thanks Very Much

Martin Richardson
Martin, on his way to Ras Mohammed

Die schöne Zeit bei Euch in Sharm ist nun

vorbei und ich wollte mich für die exzellente

Betreuung bei dem ganzen Team bedanken.

Special gratitude to Martin the Shark discoverer.

His job was great, and very professional.

I hope he is not eaten by the sharks :-)))

Thanks Rene
Kate Hammond
Sinai Divers Archiv
Jane, Kate, Tony and Johan

Am sat back at my desk at Sky in freezing cold 1 degree temperatures. The only bonus is that it not raining.

My friend Jane and I have just completed our open water course and Sinai Divers were fantastic. We were taught by Johan who is simply awesome. An absolutely amazing and inspiring diver who gives you complete confidence in the water not only in your ability to be able to dive but also in the fact that you are being taught by someone who is brilliant at what he does and who will take absolute care of you whilst you are in the water.

We were also really lucky to have Tony, who was training for his dive master course, with us on every dive. Tony was brilliant fun as well as an excellent and very calm diver. He took my on my first guided dive after I qualified which was fantastic and I was incredibly lucky to have my first qualified dive with Johan and Tony.

I would recommend Sinai Divers to anyone whether you are new to diving or you have been diving for a while. They offer a really broad range of courses, the standards of diving are excellent and the staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

Thanks to Johan for being utterly inspiring, reassuring and a great person to spend a week with and for introducing us to Viv and Kai who are the perfect diving family. Thanks also to Tony for entertaining me underwater, for being a great bodyguard and for encouraging me even when I had a few wobbly moments. We are planing the next trip now.

Dave Boyle
Sinai Divers Archiv
PADI Course Director Nancy
Hello everyone at Sinai Divers, Dahab.

I have just completed my Dive Master and arrived home to the cold, snow and grey skies, already wishing I was back in the Red Sea diving.

From the outset I was impressed by the proffesional standing of the centre and the extreme warmth from the staff that were dealing with me.

Nancy the course director welcomed me, explained my course and what it involves and then introduced me to my instructors. However this was not her job done, she frequently asked me if I was enjoying the diving and whether I was happily on track to finish in time.

Bart started me off for the first few days and when Johann took over, Bart was always around, happy, smiling and ready to give advice and encouragement.

My instructors, Bart and Johann were excellent and I found their enthusiasm for all things diving rubbing off onto me. I was mentored mainly by Johann and he showed all the abilities and attributes that I was expecting in a diving instructor. I was also touched by the fact he invited me into his own home for a meal and gave me the opportunity to meet his family. I really felt that I was at the best diving centre being taught by the best intructors.

The diving was amazing and the entire experience was excellent and I feel I have gained friends not just experience. I would like to thank Eid for his warm welcome on my arrival and departure and the friendship he showed during my time in Dahab, I would also like to thank ALL the staff for their warm welcome, friendship and helpful manner, inparticular Johann whom I have a great proffesional respect for. I am also a touch envious of the instructors who are living their vocation rather than just working for a living.

I would recommend Sinai Divers to anybody and I hope that I will be able to return for my IDC some time in 2007.

Sinai Divers Archiv
Expert diver instructor CRIS
We have been back in the cold London weather a few weeks now, but wishing we were back in Dahab.

Thanks to Andy, Johan (who dispelled all blackout fears), the lovely girl from Northern Ireland (who helped the real novice diver) and of course expert diver instructor and all round lovely guy are a star!

We hope to return soon...and will stay longer next time!

Regina, Eve and Nikki x
Sinai Divers Archiv
Hello Sinai Divers

I just want to say "THANX" again for the beautiful vacation in october 2005. I just whatched my pics & smiled. It was really GREATE and I hope to come back again to Dahab!!!

Greeze from Switzerland

PS: Especially for *EID*
Simon Holliman
Sinai Divers Archiv
Just a quick note to say thanks

for a brilliant week.

Can recomend sinai divers dahab

to everyone.

The guides (Andy, Barbi, Chris)

were really knowlegable and friendly

and all the staff at the centre were


Special thanks to Andre for getting

me to the Thistlegorm.
Bernhard Karl
Thomas Reich,
You´re welcome Bernhard!
The Sinai Divers Team
Just Perfect !

For anyone searching for a professional and lovely place to get really impressed of the originality and untouched red sea environment.
The staff and the dive masters work with plenty of heart and a huge acknowledge of diving and the customer can really feel save and guided to the right places for the right sea conditions...
I saw here the huge number of fishlife living in the red sea, accompanied by interesting and dive addicted people, and really
diverse personalities of dive instructors from all around the world, speaking perfectly german, english, french or you like it..

Thank You All There.......waiting for the next chance to visit Sinai Divers.....

Sinai Divers Archiv
Instructor Dean
Dear Sinai Divers and especially my instructor Dean,
In this way I wanted to thank you once more for a superb 4-day Open water Course! With your enthousiasm, patience and humour you made diving a great new experience and made my welcome in this complete new world full of marvellous creatures and landscapes both easy and fantastic! Allthough I had some serious ear trouble (due to recovering from a cold) you (with some ideas for alternative food supplements (Brufen)) kept on encouraging me to go on, and when I thougt my ears (or blindness from wearing contact lenses) would let me down, you succeeded in getting me through the course. With your colourfull theory lessons, backed up with some own experiences and colourfull examples (bridge builders who walked with bended bags: the bends etc.) I feel confident in taking on this new hobby. The only problem is that I have to find a job that allows me to go on even more (combined) holidays to climb Munros and Mountains, ride my motorcycle and dive... Thanks again, have a great life and keep diving and enjoying intstructing! See you again in Sharm,
ps thanks for the tip of the Sinai Star in the old market, we enjoyed a superb diner there!!! Ruth
kat florey-saunders
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Alleybets pretty special dive map
Thanks for a really special time back in November- Alleybets dive maps were pretty special as was her nose clearing technique - thanks for that as it let me see the Canyon!! also to Ashraf for just hanging a while to let me watch the Barracuda at the Islands. ...and Nic for his videos that let us watch it all over again and again and again!!

Hope all is well over there and you all had a great new year....hopefully see you all again soon

Kat and Saundy***

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