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Glenn W. Rogers
Thomas Reich,
Tom TDI Instructor Trainer

Just wanted to say Thank You for a great week of diving…. Your dive operation is top notch and Stephen was outstanding as our guide. The dive sites were well planned and very well executed. I have been diving for over 16 years with 350+ logged dives and it was the best diving that I have ever experienced. I will definitely make a trip back for further diving in Sharm with Sinai and/or take a trip up to Dahab for technical diving with Tom.

Also, the Ritz Carlton was an excellent recommendation – very nice hotel with great customer service and restaurants.

Thanks again.

ED the worlds best instructor
Sinai Divers Archiv
ED.....the guy with no hair!

Hello, Sinai divers hope you guys are doing better then i am.

Still stuck in very cold and windy know where all the people live in windmills and still walk on clogs.....and smoke!!!

Still trying to sell my house and believe it or not as soon this is done I will be back to light up your days with my presents....hahaha.

i know we all complain now and then, about too little cash or no sharks, too little pretty clients and ..... but let me tell you the life there is much better then it is in europe!!!! Too much stress, too cold, visibility of 5cm, green water.....

Well going back to work now......yeah got an office job.....boring!!!!

lots of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Paloma and Pedro Garcia
Sinai Divers Archiv
Another vacation in Sharm el Sheikh
Another vacation in Sharm el Sheikh and again with Sinai Divers, and why?
because the first time they were great, the second better, and this, the
third one, we came back to Spain thinking that they are absolutelly the best
ones. We dont have to try another diving centres as we have all with S.D.!!!

Thanks to all the S.D suff: the people at Conrad (Sabrina, you are great!!),
the stuff at Ghazala (William, we hope the problem in your face is going
better), the Divemasters and instructors Dean, Martin, Fiona and Alexia that
were the perfect guides underwater, the boat crews and all the people that
do all works.

A big heart to our lovely friend Miguel (the spanish boy that will be taking
pictures with you during 3 months, wowwww!!!!!)

So be sure that you will see our faces again next year!!!!

Mua mua!!!

Paloma and Pedro
Madrid (Spain)

Roger Giger
Sinai Divers Archiv
Dear All
After returning back to switzerland i just cant wait to come back to Dahab in november. It was a great experience to make my OWD and start the advanced course at your base. Really wanna thank you all for the excellent service and the great time i could enjoy with you all. Special thank to all the staff, your just great.
Hendrik, it was a pleasure to have you as a dive instructor. You did a perfect job and after diving with you, i really feel confident in myself.
Hendrik, im coming back 12th of november till 19th. Please be prepared to have another week with me, finishing my advanced, do the nitrox course and have some other dives together during the week.
See you soon and be ready for the SWISS WHALE
Sinai Divers Archiv
Just back in England for a couple of days and reflecting on a wonderful week spent in the company of Sinai Divers (Dahab).
No one could have been nicer and friendlier from check-in to check-out. Erin, Aileen, Christophe, Alybet (my faithful victim and patient) and of course Bart himself who had the patience and courage to see me through the Rescue Diver course. In the background the rest of the staff were equally friendly and welcoming and once the course was over I was able to enjoy myself with some more relaxed diving with Sandrine and Barbie company from the boat and from the shore.
Oh - and did I mention that the diving was huge fun too!
I certainly want to get back soon!
Thanks for everything and take care.
Jans & Sabine Jurjens
Sinai Divers Archiv
Bart and Alibeth
Dear all,

After returning to Holland last sunday, we are still full of the great time we had in Dahab and especially during the dive courses. Not only have we seen a lot of beautiful fishes and impressive coral reefs, we also had a great time with the group (Elly, Richard, Deborah, Andrew and Luke), our unforgettable instructor Bart Bellemans and his charming assistant Alibeth (and off course the rest of the SinaïDivers-staff) !

Bart and Alibeth (how is your cat by the way?), thank you again for this fantastic experience and your everlasting enthousiasm. Hope to hear from you again, somewhere in the future.

Warm regards,

Jans & Sabine
Sinai Divers Archiv
The legendary smoker Bart
Hello Guys,

Well I have been back in the glorious UK for a month now and I can tell you there has not been a day gone by when I dont think back to the wicked time I had in Dahab. Thanks all round, from Chris, to Erin, to Eid and Samah and who can forget Bart.

The legendary smoker Bart. Let me tell you about this man. He can get out the water as the person ahead of you, but by the time you are out and struggling with your wetsuit, he has already managed to be clear of his gear and smoke at least half a fag. Unbelievable! But seriously, without his tutelage and expert guidance, I would not have breezed my way through the advanced PADI. So to Bart a special thank you.

I hope everyone is OK especially after some mindless cretin had a go not so long back. Heres a plan, teach them the basics of tech diving, just as freedivers, that should do the trick ;-)

Take it easy guys. I sincerely hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

Sinai Divers Archiv
My instructor Bart "Bubbelmans"
Hello to all Sinaí Divers,

Back home and still enjoying the wonderful holidays I had in Dahab.
I now proudly can say I’m a dive master and this is also due to the help and support I received from the members of Sinai Divers Dahab. Thanks to all off you.

I specially want to thank my instructor Bart "Bubbelmans" of whom I learned a lot and hope to learn more from in the future.
He is totally dedicated to his job and you see, feel and notice that diving as well as learning others how to enjoy diving is just a part of him.

Also my thanks to all people that joined on the wreck safari we made. An unbelievable experience... I hardly can imagine that I ever will be able to experience this again. Specially the last day of the safari where we had a close encounter with several shark species. (Oceanic, Hammerhead, Reef and not to forget the Tiger Sharks)

It was an amazing holiday I will never forget.

Thanks to all of you
Sinai Divers Archiv
After i great week diving in the red sea with the sinai-diving team i have to say i dont think anyone else could have made our "mccarthy" ears work other then bert for alex and I. i hope to come back next summer!

give bert a raise.....

Ian McCarthy
Shanti Ramakuri
Sinai Divers Archiv
Dear Sinai Divers and all the team at the Dahab Hilton. I just wanted to say thank you very much to all of you for getting me through my open water dive course (juen 05). Johann was very very patient and an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed the experience and can only thank all of you for helping me to get thorugh this and pass the exam. Thanks so much to all of you. Back at work now and you all seem so far away.

Michael Bannwarth
Sinai Divers Archiv
Looking back to a great time!
Hello Saskia, hello Aya,

this course was really a great thing.

Big fun, excellent teaching and great open water dives.

Some pictures from our tour with Giada 1 and Ghazalla III.

Wishing you & the whole Diving team all a great summer season.

Kind Regards,

Lyndsey Samuels
Sinai Divers Archiv
Hi to all the guys in Dahab...

I,d just like to say a big THANK YOU to Eid, Erin and Barbie for being, well, great!

Diving was fantastic, and Barbie was ever patient with us dawdling at the back, and Eid and Erin were great ,backstage, - even though we were probably a nightmare!!

Definately want to come back soon!

Take care

Clive & Jeanette
Sinai Divers Archiv
The final test!
Well, once again another great week in Dahab at the Hilton Resort.
We have been back to the Hilton and the Sinai Dive team 5 times now and have made some fantastic friends.
Special thanks to Andree and Erin in the dive centre and to Eid for taking us to all the best places in town (new chicken man rules !! )
We both have just become Divemasters and were made to do the final test ... ie : the snorkel test !!!!!!!! at the Coconut Bar party night...
Thanks to Eid, Tom, Johan and Bart for that embarrassment !
Big hi to Claire and Roberto.
Thanks again see you all soon
Clive and Jeanette

Ady Brown
Sinai Divers Archiv
Have just completed an excellent weeks diving with the Dahab Centre. Many thanks to Bart for training the other half in her open water. Your patient and confident approach ensured she passed doubling my diving expenses in one foul move. Cheers mate.
Erin and Andree provided superb support and special thanks to Eid for his excellent local knowledge and friendliness. I hope to return and see my new friends soon but thanks to Bart it will be double the time it would have been.
An excellent centre for beginners to the more experienced. thanks for a great week.

Ady and Mandy
Jay Cooper
Lothar Scheschonka
Birgit & Stefano our guides on Ghazala I
Hello Ladies,

I have been back in Abu Dhabi for ten days and had time to decompress and
reflect on my seven days aboard the Ghazala I.

I wanted to write and tell you I had a fantastic vacation. Everyone I met
from Sinai Divers was great (Darin, the Ghazala I crew, Birgit & Stefano,
the office gang).

I wanted to thank you particularly for the courteous and efficient manner in
which my arrangements were handled. From initial information and booking of
the safari to the last minute hotel arrangements to the car and tour guide
in Cairo, everything was handled in a most professional yet personalized

I will certainly be seeing you again and recommending Sinai Divers to my
diving friends.

Thanks for everything!

Best regards,

Ute + Jochen Philipp
Gaby die neue Basisleiterin im Conrad
Gratulation zu der Entscheidung, dass Gabi jetzt die Basis im Conrad International leitet. Eine bessere Wahl hättet Ihr gar nicht treffen können. Wir waren schon zwei mal im Conrad und jedesmal total zufrieden. Im Juni kommen wir wieder für zwei Wochen. Allerdings müssen wir uns dem anschließen, dass es sehr schade ist, über das Gästebuch erfahren zu müssen, dass Gabi die neue Basisleitung ist. Trotz allem freuen wir uns schon sehr auf den Juni.
Marjan & Luc
The Dahab Team
Hi you wonderful Team Dahab,

After being back for a week in cold cold Belgium and Holland we cherish not only the warmth of Dahab but especially the warmth of diving with Sinai Divers Dahab Hilton. We had a wonderful week making so many beautiful dives, especially with Claire whom it was fun to be with and gave us excellent profesionalism and briefings and made us feel welcome all the time! Thanks to all you great people at the diving centre our holiday in Dahab made a superb get-away from work and cold. We hope to be back soon (and look up "our" two seahorses at the Lighthouse again!)

greetings, Luc & Marjan
nina dettwiler

hallo sinai divers

eure tauchschule ist einfach super.

ich bin 11 jahre alt und habe auch bei euch den tauchkurs gemacht.

saskia ist die beste tauchlehrerin die es gibt.

grüsse nina
María García Rodríguez
Nina Eschner
My name is María García Rodriguez, I`m from Spain, last summer was in a cruise of yours in the South of the Red Sea, in August from August 8 to the 14, with the agency Ultima Frontera.
I send you this e-mail in order to communicate you my congratulations for the good organization of the trip, we were in the ship Ghazala Voyager, the whole company was wonderful and worker, food was very good, in general all the services were very well, with punctuation of a 10.
I want to make a special congratulation for the Dive Master "Nina Eschener," a woman wonderful and worker, very responsible, that it made us a wonderful investment, she knew all the points of dive perfectly and she was one indefatigable worker, thanks to Nina made us the vacations of dive the better than I have never had.
Many happiness for your organization and to all the people of the Ghazala Voyager that made us the wonderful vacations.
Waiting for me next year, for sure I repeat, and especially with the Dive Master "Nina Eschener" that it has been the cause of all the good organization of the trip.

Thank for all
Nicole Schoemann
Basisleiter Klaus
Hallo Sinai Divers Calimera!
Wir haben im September einen supertollen Urlaub bei Euch gemacht. Wir
waren zwar nicht im Hotel Calimera untergebracht, haben aber einen super Transfer von eurer Tauchbasis angeboten bekommen.
Die Ausrüstung und auch die Tauchlehrer waren sehr nett und kompetent. Viel Spaß hatten wir mit unserem speziellen Tauchausbilder Aladin. An dieser Stelle noch mal ein riesiges Dankeschön.
Aber auch mit dem ganzen drumherum waren wir super zufrieden. Ich denke beim nächsten mal werden wir dann doch lieber wieder das Calimera buchen, weil es dann doch praktischer ist.
Ein herzliches Dankeschön auch an Klaus, der die komplette Tauchbasis wirklich super im Griff hat und immer auch für ein gemeinsames Bierchen, nach dem Tauchen versteht sich offen war. Wir können nur jedem diese Tauchbasis wirklich empfehlen, weil wirklich alles stimmt. Danke an allen die unseren Tauchurlaub zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis haben werden lassen. ( Aladin, Wolfgang, Jens, Klaus, Simon, Hagag, Chris, die lustigen Busfahrer und natürlich die Crew der beiden Calimera 1 und 2 Boote).
Wir kommen bestimmt bald zum Tauchen wieder zu Euch.
Macht weiter so.
Vielen Dank und einen lieben Gruß aus Selm senden Euch allen

Nicole und Martin
Thomas Reich,
Das Team in Dahab
Wir hatten Ende September das Vergnügen mit den Sinai-Divers
Dahab zu tauchen/schnorcheln. Tom und sein Team haben wirk-
lich alles daran gesetzt, dass wir uns rundum wohl bei ihnen ge-
fühlt haben. Alle waren freundlich und sehr hilfsbereit, so dass
wir sicher nicht zum letzten Mal mit den Sinai-Divers, ganz be-
sonders aber in Dahab, getaucht sind. Wir hatten viel Spass und
ich denke, ab sofort wird auch "Nachtschnorcheln" in Dahab ange-
boten. Liebe Grüße aus dem Ruhr-Pott an das ganze Team
und noch einmal Danke für die schöne Zeit.

Klaus und Gaby
Michael Peter
ich möchte mich auf diesem weg bei euch allen herzlichst für den erneut aussergewöhnlichen urlaub, für die abwechslungsreichen tauchgänge und für die spannenden diskussionen bedanken. es fällt mir von jahr zu jahr schwerer, von euch abschied zu nehmen!
ich bedanke mich bei euch allen, insbesondere: kisses for ahmed the tiger (yo brother) and miss whaleshark aka miss hammerhead canoë, paolo (thats amore and good luck!), the kid boris, alex fischer, erich und andi, thömu und patrik aeschbacher, chris the swiss und natürlich caty, lolo + angie + cécille + frank + stefan + nico + anna + kaori + kike, mit verbeugung an yvette, piwi, alex und gisi (na, du schoggijunkie, wie läufts denn nun ohne deine kakaoration?), moustafa and nihad (7-11-inches???), ehrenvoll an friday (ps: grüsse an chris) und last, but definitely not least petra und rolf!

ps: die reihenfolge ist nicht nach beliebtheit erstellt, ich liebe euch alle!
ps2: falls ich jemanden vergessen habe, siehe ps oder meldet euch bei ahmed abdel latif für einen schmatz.

ah ja, noch was: WALHAI!!!!! ich träume immer noch davon...

bis bald und alles gute, I´LL BE BACK!

euer mischa (the soft corall ;-))
Larissa Birnbaum
Der Canyon
Halli Hallo aus Zürich!
Leider leider hat mich die Realität back home wieder eingeholt...:-( Meine zwei Wochen waren mal wieder wunderschön. Nach anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten klappte dann alles wie am Schnürchen.
In Dahab konnte ich sämtliche Tauchgänge ungestört ohne irgendwelche andere Gruppen erleben. Das absolute non plus ultra - 2 Taucher beim Canyon! Very special thanx to Eid! :-)
In Sharm war das Extra Boat (Asia) absolut genial. Mit Ahmed als dem "Shark Hunter Guide" und Canoe als die Ruhe in Person in Ras Mohammed durfte ich drei wundervolle Tage verbringen. Es waren bestimmt nicht die letzten Ferien in Aegypten!

Ganz ganz liebe Grüsse aus Zürich
Nicole Schlemmer
Hi Sinai Divers,

We want to say thank you for a very nice and interesting week with you from
30. January to the 4 of February.

We have seen a lot during this time guided by you. Nice local places,
places in Tiran and Ras Mohamed.

We want to say thank you for your service in the dive center, to the guides
(Marenka, Nihad and the dutch girl (long blon hairs which teached the
advanced course)) on the boats,to the staff on the boats (Ghazala III) and
to the coordinators in the office too. The climatic between the dive guides
and the divers on the boat was very nice and we still keeping contact with
some of the divers.

For me (Nicole) it was the second time diving with Sinai Divers. I have
been at your base last year in summer. For Telma it was the first time
Egypt and first divings with you. We meet there and we are now almost sure
that we will come again in this summer to dive in Egypt. Naturally we if we
are in Sharm (that´s our favourite) we will dive with you again.

We made some pictures during the boat trips and we think you are maybe
interesed in them, so we send some including in this email. If you want to
have more or the fullsize pictures feel free to contact Nicole about more
picutres and see will send you more....

Thanks a lot for your friendlyness.

Regards from Zurich (Switzerland)

Telma and Nicole
Jeannette and Piet op den Brouw
Dear Cristiane

After this fantastic diving-week (much to soon over) we will thank you for the good and efficient organazation of Sinai Divers and also to the most experienced diving guides Friday and Kate.

They were really good and they gave us the finest divingweek we ever had. There leadership, good en clear briefings and also the attention and care under water and above.

The crew of Ghazala III were so nice and helpfull and the food was delicious.

We don´t exaggerate if we do this in the name of all the 16 other members of our group.

Give our best and lovely regards to Friday and Kate.

Kind regards

Jeannette and Piet op den Brouw
Scuba Libre
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