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Our dive centers are led by Rolf Schmidt and Petra Röglin, who started diving here over 45 years ago. They are counted among the most experienced diving pioneers of the Sinai and the Red Sea. All Sinai Divers’ guests stand to benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience.

Sinai Divers operates 3 diving centers in various regions of the Red Sea. Our centers are located in the Bedouin village of Dahab, 100 km north of Sharm el Sheikh; in the Egyptian deep south, near Marsa Alam, we operate our own dive resort, “The Oasis”, in cooperation with Werner Lau Diving Centers. In 2009 we opened our first Sinai Divers location in Aqaba, Jordan.

Our Dive Centers


Dahab is a relaxed Bedouin village with an easy-going vibe, beautiful beaches and incredible views of the Sinai Mountains. It offers some of the best wall dives the Red Sea has to offer, along with interesting caverns and canyons.

Marsa Alam

The region around Marsa Alam is a diving paradise. It is much quieter than other parts of the Red Sea. Here there is something for everyone, including diving on the house reef, going to isolated bays by car or taking the boat to legendary reefs like Elphinstone, Abu Dabab and Samadai Reef.


Aqaba is an ideal destination for divers and snorkelers, as well as serving as a hub for trips to the famous desert city of Petra and desert adventures in Wadi Rum. Time moves slower here and it is the ideal location to experience the Arabian atmosphere without the crowds. Diving in Aqaba is about quality over quantity.

Dive Sites

The Red Sea offers some of the best dive sites worldwide. The dive sites from our northernmost centre in Aqaba down to the deep south offer an incredible variety of flora and fauna. There are dives sites of many depths and profiles; from shallow reefs with colourful coral gardens and small creatures such as ghost pipefish, seahorses, Spanish dancers and nudibranchs, all the way down to incredible drop-offs, caves and deep canyons. Ras Mohammed is considered one of the top 5 dive sites in the world. Schools of barracuda and snappers, as well as groupers, napoleon wrasse and sharks are all regularly sighted there. The magnificent Straight of Tiran offers incredible reefs with the chance of big encounters. The Canyon and the Blue Hole in Dahab are must-dive locations for every technical diver. The Thistlegorm, the Dunraven and the wrecks of Abu Nuhas are absolute highlights for every wreck diver.

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We are now one of the most popular hotels in the world! We have received the HolidayCheck 2023 recognition this year, which fills us with pride and joy.

Above all, thank you dear guests, for loving us and choosing The Oasis Dive Resort as your ideal holiday destination in Marsa Alam!

When we took over and expanded the Oasis Dive Resort in Marsa Alam in 2007, we wanted to create an oasis for divers. Small, cosy and tailored to the needs of our diving and snorkelling customers. We have succeeded quite well. Thanks to your excellent reviews and thanks to all our staff and precious collaborators who constantly work with a smile on their faces. The efforts of the team played a massive part in scooping the recommendation. Our employees are doing a fantastic job by maintaining our standards high. This award from HolidayCheck is further evidence of this. A rating of 5.8 stars and a recommendation rate of 97% speak for themselves.

The HolidayCheck recognition is given once per year, and the winners are determined by considering the number of reviews, average rating, and recommendation rates the Hotel has acquired. This approach makes the accolade solely dependent on the experience of the Hotel’s guests, who take the time to leave positive reviews on the site. Keeping this in mind, we would like to say a huge Thank You to all who contributed and took the time to praise our small Hotel.

Rolf & Petra and the entire Sinai Divers Team

“Hibernating” in the Red Sea  

“Hibernating” in the Red Sea — combining all that is good for the mind, body and soul.
Who said the Red Sea was just a summer destination?

“The Oasis” is an intimate, appealing, comfortable hotel for divers and those seeking tranquillity. It is situated on a long beach just 20 km north of Marsa Alam. Very few places in Egypt offer the quiet and relaxation you can enjoy here.
The resort impresses with its unique architecture, intimate ambience and air of tranquillity. The hotel was built on a large parcel of land, far enough from the road so as not to be disturbed by traffic noise.

Overwinter in the Oasis Dive Resort in Marsa Alam.

We now have an exceptional offer for you. More and more people can work online or want to spend the winter in beautiful places. We already have some of these long-term guests at the Oasis. For you and everyone who is thinking about spending a few weeks or longer at the Red Sea: For all stays of 30 days or more, we grant an additional discount of 10% on the hotel rate and the bar bill. This only applies if the hotel is booked directly through us. For a stay of 60 days, the additional discount is 20%. We then find tailor-made solutions for diving packages.

Perfect getaway when you need some calm balm for your soul!

New National Park daily fees  

Dear clients, colleagues and friends

As divers and underwater ambassadors, any change towards a positive impact on the environment is one we can all agree on supporting.

Therefore kindly be informed that as of 1st June 2020, as per a recent decree issued by the Ministry of Environment, new National Park daily fees will be applicable to diving operations and divers performing scuba diving and snorkeling activities in dive/snorkeling site located in the following area:

Blue Hole  in Dahab – USD 10.00 per visitor

The entrance fees are paid directly at the dive sites.

The new fees will be nurturing the funding of the National Park Authority and support its recently enhanced efforts aimed at protecting, maintaining, and monitoring the health of our beloved Red Sea, both on land and underwater.

For the time being, the new fees will only be applicable to the above mentioned areas of Ras Mohammed N.P., the Straits of Tiran and Dahab.

As responsible divers, we greatly welcome this move and strongly believe in the implementation of environmental based restrictions, aimed at reducing the diving/snorkeling tourism impact on our lucky area of the world.